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A key piece of information was left out of the reporters story last night in Snellville.....

I would like to offer everyone the oppprtunity to review for yourself a recent statement by the mayor on video, that her actions regarding a recent lawsuit did not " cost the city a penny" It is a downright blatant false statement. This lawsuit was settled out of court because City could not defend the actions of the mayor and her taking away a citizens 1st Ammendment Rights. Insurance Settled for $15,000.00 and cost the city another $7300.00 of our taxpayer dollars...( )...See for yourself and decide if you can support this type of behavior.. as a member of this council..I will not accept this and I don't spend city taxpayer dollars in a wasteful manner.

What the Mayor say’s here on video….. "not a penny"

Start video at 30:18 and stop at 30:25

“No sir it did not. It didn't cost the city a penny”.

What it really COST the City:

$ 1000.00 the deductible on our insurance……. $ 1385.00 Paid to the law firm Cruser & Mitchell $ $ 5000.00 to our current city attorney. Increase in rates from Insurance Carrier ?????????

Not sure what the mayor’s definition of “not a penny” is, but my math adds up to nearly $ 7300.00 of your taxpayer money!

This was shown at the Meeting of Council 1-29-2013

Bobby Howard Snellville City Council


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Mr. Cline,

Thank you for the article regarding The Copeland family and the upcoming Aimee's Weekend. I am so very PROUD of our community as well as others who have wrapped their arms around this family. I am also inspired by the Copeland family and how they have shown tremendous courage and unending faith during this time. My thanks again to you and the GDP for the coverage.

Warmest Regards,

Bobby Howard

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Snellville.. Where Everybody is PROUD to be Somebody!


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Would you provide additional details about this.Email me at Thanks Bobby Howard Snellville City Council


Bobbyhoward 3 years ago on Snellville Days offers community pride, reunion

The GRAND OPENING (pardon the Pun) of the mobile stage is much like the numerous GRAND Opening’s we have had here in Snellville over the past 2 years…..Academy Sports, Olive Garden, Eastside Medical ER Dept. , McDonalds, Del Taco, Verizon Wireless, NTB Tire Store, Radiology Associates and so many more. Great things continue to happen in Snellville and plenty more to come. Thanks to Mayor Pro Tem Tom Witts for the vision and my colleagues Councilwoman Diane Krause and Councilman Dave Emanuel who supported this mobile stage and what it would mean to our community.

Bobby Howard Snellville City Council Great Things Happening in Snellville


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Congratulations to Mayor Kautz and all of the Snellville Days Parade organizers. A great start to the Snellville Days weekend. Don’t forget Snellville Days again today from Noon-5pm. Come join us…..
Snellville…….Where Great things are Happening and PRIDE is abundant! Bobby Howard Proud Member of the Snellville City Council


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In the letter to Mr. Tallant the Mayor states she "did not foresee the city manager leaving". In fact, she made a public comment on Feb. 7 about Mr. Treadway leaving and we did not receive the "Proposal for Legal Services" from Mr. Tallant until Feb.10, 2012. And even more spectacular is the fact that we didn't receive his firm's engagement letter March 5, 2012. The Mayor clearly knew Russell Treadway was leaving a full month before Mr. Tallant was hired.

I am glad to welcome back Tony Powell and the firm Webb, Tanner, Powell, Mertz & Wilson to represent the city as a whole. Powell is the same guy she fired for what I can see as no other reason than he supported her opponent during the campaign, (Council meeting video will confirm this). I do hope we can move forward…… our city deserves it!


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Snellville City Council Member Bobby Howard weighs in on recent firing of "NEW" City Attorney.

Shock and Disbelief. Those are the first two words spoken by Snellville City Councilman Bobby Howard when asked about his reaction to the news that Snellville Mayor Kelly Kautz had fired City Attorney Kevin Tallant. A partner in the highly regarded law firm of Miles, Patterson, Hansford and Tallant, Mr. Tallant had served as Snellville's City Attorney for just over 30 days. With no prior discussion with members of Council, or even a courtesy call, a "Dear John" email from Mayor Kautz was all that Mr. Tallant received to advise him that he had been replaced. Howard stated, "I am deeply disturbed by the single-handed actions of our Mayor. The way she treated Mr. Tallant and his firm is reprehensible. Mr. Tallant and members of his firm exhibited nothing but competence, professionalism and first class business approach to representing our city.”

Mr. Howard added his perspective on the situation noting, "The reasons for this decision in my opinion are tainted with ridiculous and nonsensical assertions. Kautz suggests that the expense of having two law firms handling different aspects of the city's legal work cost more money than having it all done by a single firm. In fact, the combination of the two was significantly less than the amount charged by the previous attorney (Stuart Oberman) who was less than qualified, and who billed the city at a ridiculous rate for legal services that were sub-standard. The fact is that regardless of the number of firms, the city will only be billed for the legal work performed." And as a matter of fact, Mr. Powell’s firm was also doing on-going real estate legal work while Mr. Oberman was the City Attorney. That fact conveniently left out by the Mayor. Howard also questioned the mayor's statement about her decision being motivated by a desire to save taxpayer money. As he explains it, "To hear the mayor say she wants to "save taxpayer" money is a joke at best. Where was her desire to save taxpayer money when she went behind the council's back and authorized full payment of Stuart Oberman's bill, knowing that a number of us had serious objections to paying that bill, considering the extremely high amounts charged for low quality work. Some of that work had to be redone at; you guessed it, taxpayer expense. Where's the concern for the Snellville Taxpayer.....nowhere to be seen!"

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