Blenderhead73 2 years, 8 months ago on Student gets off at wrong stop; driver removed from route

"A 5 year old with autism should not be riding a bus."

Okay. How do you propose that the child gets to school? This is for situations where the parent(s) work and have to report to their jobs before drop-off time begins.

Clearly, you do not have a child with special needs nor understand varying levels of autism, based on your moronic statements of how parents should "know better" than to put their autistic child on a school bus. My 2nd grader is what is called "high-functioning autistic" and rides a special needs bus. If my work schedule could allow it, I would be more than happy to drive him to and from school. However, I work 40 hours a week (and am THANKFUL to be employed during this recession), a single parent who doesn't mooch off of the "gub'ment", and also a homeowner and taxpayer who already happily chips in for school funding. With regards to your "parents of students that need special care should pay extra" - believe me, I DO. I pay "extra" everytime I have to purchase supplements and specialty food items, I pay "extra" in my health insurance premiums that only half-covers my son's condition. I pay "extra" for speech therapies, occupational therapies, behavioral therapies, social skills summer camps, etc. All out of pocket.

The long and short of it: the bus driver screwed up, the parents obviously have the child at a daycare for after-school supervision due to work schedules, and let's be thankful that nothing bad happened to the child. Sorry for the autism-soapbox, but your statements were extraordinarily ignorant. Have a pleasant day.