Binky1966 1 year, 4 months ago on Police: Youth sports funds used for concert tickets, car payments

Sadly, situations like this shine a bad light on volunteers in general. I have been involved with volunteering on youth sports boards for several years and know of many very honest people who have put in countless hours into their communities, not just to further their own child's advantage, but for the love of the sport/community. This negative light keeps good, qualified volunteers from stepping up, when they are clearly very desperately needed. We need to stop sweeping this under the rug and bring these thieves to justice. The Mill Creek treasurer ($150k) from a few years back, and most recently, the Gwinnett Football League treasurer ($50+k), stole tens of thousands of dollars from their organization and as long as the money was paid back, were never prosecuted. So you ask, why did Mr. Brindle think he could get away with it? Easy. Basically, the others did, so why not him? This entire situation sickens me, however, I know that this organization will recover from this and will be stronger and for it. They started from scratch only a few short years ago and they can start over again. Go Bears!