Bigmack 2 years, 11 months ago on Developer plans $1B gambling complex in Gwinnett

I am not exactly sure where this location is in Norcross. However, gambling is gambling no matter if it is the machines they are speaking of or other electronic devices. One must know and I do for a fact that when these machines are built they are required by the "Gambling Commissions", that there is a win loss ratio built in. The machines can be mechanically tweaked by each establishment (Casino) within the parameters authorized by the commission. If the state of Georgia is willing to go as far as this establishment there is no reason that a full blown Casino should not be considered. If the revenue is to be used for education in the state so much the better. The Casinos I have visited are classy, well maintained , and self policed. Self police meaning that the owner of the Casino hires armed guards, and no need for the people of Gwenette paying for additional police officers. There are businesses in the state that already hire armed guards so this would be nothing new. First and foremost it must be agreed upon No government funding, no tax break for coming here. There are many many Georgians that travel out of state on week ends to gamble. Why not keep them here?