BangChuWui 1 year, 4 months ago on POLITICAL NOTEBOOK: Woodall: Make it difficult to say no

The one brainwashed is Jan. Social security is a fraud, the average payout is more than you pay in which is why social security is broke and if you had payed attendtion to John Linder, he would have told you congress has took money from social security after it paid claims to balance the budget. Social security is not a retirement program but a supplemental program. You can't tax you way out of this, there are not enough rich people to pay for Obama's Trillion dollar deficits. All have done the country a disservice, demokratic and republicans but when Woodall trys to point out faults with Democratic policy you and other claim smoke and mirrors. Just like the claim Clinton left the country with a surplus, false, a recession and congress -the Republicans also made Clinton implement policies to balance the budget. They just fell off the wagon and drunk the Democratic power-aid and financial stupidity bread.