AsTrueOrTruer 1 year, 8 months ago on T-SPLOST issue gets a resounding 'no'

The picture in the print edition says it all. Crowded I-85 with two HOT lanes with exactly one car in each.

Give us back our paid for lanes and you'll reduce congestion, then we can talk.

Otherwise don't come back and let's unelect all those in favor.

My question is, why don't we have votes on ALL taxes. Let us decide whether we want to pay or increase a tax, not some gift receiving, career politicians.

We don't need new taxes, we need more tax PAYERS, and we need LESS spending. Spend only what you've got. Not a cent more. SPENDING is the PROBLEM!

And for all of you politicians, and most journalists, it was not a penny sales tax. It was a ONE PERCENT sales tax. Anybody that says penny sales tax is a dishonest person.


AsTrueOrTruer 2 years, 7 months ago on Transition begins to HOT lanes on I-85

"In its first full year of the express lanes operations, officials expect to generate up to $3.9 million" Elsewhere in stories about HOT lanes it is stated that the work to convert to HOT lanes came from a $110 Million grant. A grant? A gift from whom, by whom? Where did that cash come from? Thin air?

Is it as true or truer that the "Grant" was borrowed money contributing to the National Debt? And we're hope to get "up to" 3.9M per year? How much of that will be eaten up with administrative costs? And all for lanes that are already there!

HOT lanes will not reduce traffic or improve traffic flow or improve air quality It is simply a way to suck more money from us serfs.

We live in a Kleptocracy. We are being stolen from by every branch of government. Local, county, state, and Federal.

It is all crashing down around our ears. Just look around you and see the destruction...

We have already PAID for these lanes. Open them up to everybody! Everybody paid for them!

The Daily Post is simply an arm of the Gwinnett County Government. A cheerleader. Never any hard-hitting investigative stories showing the corruption and waste in county government.

The list of projects that waste our precious funds are numerous:

Cool Ray Field The Aquatic Center - What is the county doing in the water park business. Millions lost on garbage collection contract mismanagement.

Parks and stupid soccer fields. Every person entering a Park should pay a fee. Let those that use the resources pay for them! How to create a park in Gwinnett? Easy. Take woodlands; mow them down nice and flat; put up lights for soccer. Voila! a park! A park that less than 5% of citizens will actually use, and fewer tax payers!

And don't get me started on the Board of Education that can't build palatial schools fast enough, yet our graduates can't speak, write, or think properly. They exit school with no preparation for the real world, no grasp of history, no idea where the shift key is on a keyboard, no idea how to balance a checkbook or look for a job. I live in a modest home yet I pay almost $2K for school taxes. It is mismanagement and theft pure and simple. And I haven't gotten one thank-you note from the ignorant graduates!

How to save a boat-load of cash in schools? Eliminate bus service! I resent paying for the "free education entitlement," but I really hate having to pay to get students to school. Your kid rides the bus? Pay up! Or drive him there yourself!

American Baby-Boomers are a pathetic lot who think that they can improve some people's lives with other people's money.

Well we're sick of it!