AllPoliticiansAreDirty 1 year, 11 months ago on HUCKABY: Thanksgiving has been replaced by worship of sales

My family Thanksgiving traditions amazingly still exist. We travel from Five States by whatever means neccessary to bring food and fellowship to my Mom's 10 brothers and sisters and their extended family. We meet in the Fellowship hall of a church as we have done for years. Every Thanksgiving I get up at 4:30am drive 270 miles to the dinner, eat just enough not to make me sleepy and drive 270 miles back home to Georgia arriving hopefully before midnight after dodging sleepy drivers and flashing Blue light portable jails on I-85.

What I truly miss are Blue Law Sundays. One day out of 7 when we could relax together as family and young sweethearts on the front porch and do or not do as little as possible. My blood pressure is going down now just remembering those sweet quiet days of lunch and dinner at both my Grandmothers tables.

Why can't the world just slow down one day a week. Mebbe, we would be a little nicer to each other at home and around the world. I miss my Sunday afternoon naps.


AllPoliticiansAreDirty 3 years, 1 month ago on AllPoliticiansAreDirty

Lets see here, Gwinnett County Government and High Ethics? Never the two shall share the same space in time. And it has nothing to do with party affiliation.