• Gender: M
  • Location: Lawrenceville
  • Occupation: retired from Emory University


Interests: gardening, computers, chess, Indo-European linguistics (especially morphology and etymology), gun ownership, current politics, Libertarian Party, Sanskrit (संस्कृतम्), Hindi language (हिन्दी), French, German, Latin, Classical Greek, Sanskrit translation into English.
Current project: India has the longest national epic in the world. It is entitled "Mahaabhaaratam", in Sanskrit महाभारतम्. My goal is to pick out the proverbial expressions, translate them into English and publish them. As far as I can tell this has never been done before. Such a publication will give a unique view of the people of India's Weltanschauung and perhaps deepen our understanding of that ancient diverse culture. Completion time: many years from now.


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