AU4ever 1 year, 4 months ago on Two killed in Suwanee wreck


Any traffic engineer will quickly extoll the benefits of low-cost safety counter-measures like use of highly retro-reflective pavement marking tape. Multiple engineering studies studies suggest that the use of markings plays a major role in the reduction of specific crash types. In Georgia Run-off-road and opposite-direction crashes are generally overrepresented verus Vehicle Miles Traveled (VMT), especially on horizontal curves and at night, when fatal crashes are three to four times more likely to occur. In addition, due to visual and cognitive deficiencies, older and impaired drivers are especially susceptible to these types of crashes. Therefore, crash types that are most likely affected by added markings or enhanced markings (added width or more retroreflectivity) are run-off-road and opposite-direction crashes that occur at night, occur on curves, and involve drivers with reduced visual or cognitive capabilities (e.g., older drivers or impaired drivers).

Kevin is right, proper and discernable pavement markings are a quick and effective way to improve safety on secondary roadways. Take it from an engineer.