1250CMM 2 years, 11 months ago on Airport proposal released; opponents still not swayed

It appears that Teelee believed everything Propeller stated without question. If you want to see what would have happened to Gwinnett if the airport passed, you need to visit Clayton County or drive around the Peachtree DeKalb airport. Nobody wants to live near a regional airport. Jobs? Get real. The job promise was the carrot to sway people to Propeller’s side. Read the documents from other airports that are living in the nightmare of their regional airports and learn from their actual experience.

As for Propeller, they are now showing their true colors. Since I didn’t get what I want, I am thinking about suing the county. Apparently, Mr. Brett Smith doesn’t understand the cost of doing business. In the world of business, the reality is there aren’t any guarantees regardless of how much you spend.