1212345 3 years, 7 months ago on Judge rules in Gwinnett service dispute

GCPD has a response time of approximately 7-9 minutes for emergency police calls and 15-20 minutes for non-emergency calls. See Walters, Savagend Whitehead Testimony.

The Police Cities’ response time averages 3 minutes and 10 seconds for emergency calls and 5 minutes 40 seconds for non-emergency calls. See Whitehead Testimony.

GCPD department is understaffed to adequately serve just the unincorporated area

These are quotes from Judge Barrett. The simple fact is that the County Police have not and do not provide any services inside the cities except Lilburn. I get tired of people thinking the County Police do anything inside the cities. Read the ruling educate yourself before you make stupid statements that are not backed up by any facts.