11Bravo2P 2 years, 8 months ago on Arrests, injuries few in brawl after high school football game

I'm not even a little bit surprised. I have been going to watch my kids & my sister's kids play football and cheerlead in Gwinnett since 1995. The schools and the police do almost nothing to control the kids. Sure, there are administrators up in the stands and cops clustered in the end zones. But, they don't keep an eye on the kids hanging on to the railings or under the bleachers. The kids will cram into a big mass at the railings. It becomes sort of like a mosh pit mentality. They let them behave however they want for the three hours of the game, so why should they suddenly expect them to all be calm when the game ends? I watched a hoard of kids in Parkview rec jerseys (the middle-school football players) go charging through the crowds, knocking into people in their way on the visitors side during the recent Brookwood game. No one did anything to stop them. That is just a tiny example. Shame on the kids for misbehaving. But, more to the point, shame on the administrators for turning a blind eye. Shame on them for letting a pack mentality take hold.