10DogMom 2 years ago on Animal shelter manager under internal investigation

Why doesn't Sheriff Conway take over this? At least he cares about animals and rescues them himself. Ever since Sammy Jeans left, this place has become a disgusting pit.

Mike Beaudreau made a big deal about making it better. Really? now a man that stole drugs when in his former position has been given the job?

I'm so embarrassed to be a Gwinnett citizen. I never tell anyone where I live anymore.

You will reap what you sow however. Karma applies moreso to animals then people.


10DogMom 2 years ago on PETA alleges abuse at Yellow River Game Ranch

Those animals are a part of their family. The management and staff spend more time caring for those animals than with their own families. the animals have the highest quality food, water and veterinary care; health is paramount. as someone who is very much a part of the animal rescue community, I keep a keen eye out whenever I'm there visiting. they do their best to protect those animals from disease, injury and predators.

I don't know who is responsible for saying these things, but I would vouch for any of the employees I've ever watched or seen whenever I've been there. Any time I've ever found an injured wild animal, my first thought has always been "take it to the Yellow River Game Ranch". I know they would help.