The ever-changing county

As Gwinnett moves toward a population of a million people, trends are developing with a new emphasis on city living and development slowly improving. Transportation continues to be key to the county's future, while police must deal with both increased numbers but also one of the most diverse populations in the Southeast.

In this file photo, the Express Lanes along I-85 don't show much traffic during a ...

Transportation future dependent on sales tax vote

LAWRENCEVILLE -- Gwinnett's transportation future is dependent on a sales tax vote this summer, officials say. For years, officials have struggled to keep up with the county's growth, taking advantage of local sales taxes to build hundreds of lane miles of road.

With more residents, diversity only intensifies, data show

Back in 2005, a University of Georgia business expert called Gwinnett County the most multicultural market in the state, the center of the melting-pot universe in terms of diverse business opportunities.

Development slow, but getting better

LAWRENCEVILLE -- In 2005, when asked about Gwinnett's prospects as it continued to close in on 1 million residents, development experts predicted any number of things: an engorged county where developers would have to hunt for random parcels, the need for more three- and four-story buildings to find room, that cities like Lawrenceville might battle Atlanta on the housing market.

Cities to grow in size and number

LAWRENCEVILLE -- Years ago, much of Gwinnett's future was staked in the unincorporated area. With the county government holding much of the clout and controlling many of the services, local cities struggled to gain attention.. But in recent times, cities have become destinations.

Challenges posed for police as population swells

LAWRENCEVILLE -- In any orderly society, traditional wisdom goes that a burgeoning population must skip hand-in-hand with burgeoning police forces. Gwinnett is no different, as police officials know.


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