2012 Progress: Moving toward one million

In this annual progress edition, we revisit the plans set forth in 2005 and how the county is moving toward a population of one million.

The ever-changing county

As Gwinnett moves toward a population of a million people, trends are developing with a new emphasis on city living and development slowly improving. Transportation continues to be key to the county's future, while police must deal with both increased numbers but also one of the most diverse populations in the Southeast.


The largest school system in the state is still growing, having added 27 total school facilities since 2007. More than 162,000 students attend Gwinnett County Public Schools, which continues to move ahead on the technology front with an initiative called eCLASS.


While Gwinnett's major hospitals seem to be in good shape in regard to accommodating a million residents, the public health system is in need of more funding.

Entertaining the body and mind

The Arena at Gwinnett Center welcomes some of music's biggest acts along with a multitude of other major events to the county. As Gwinnett grows, so does the arena's reputation. On the flip side, Gwinnett's library system has not handled the growth as well, with nearly $3 million in funding cuts causing the system to adopt a branch "buddy" model.


As the population grows, so does the number of high school teams. That hasn't made the county any less competitive at the state level. In pro sports, the county's growth has led to three teams that call Gwinnett home, giving fans local squads to root for.

2005 Progress section

A look back at the section that first analyzed Gwinnett's march toward a million people.


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