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CLINE: Button Down Dash event a win-win for community and nonprofit

On Saturday, you can keep up that hectic lifestyle and help a good cause as well as get your exercise in. The Gwinnett Chamber is hosting its annual Button Down Dash, a 5K and 10K run set up to promote wellness.

CLINE: Extended hours mean Gwinnett shelter in need of volunteers

This week marks a change at the SaltLight Center, the Lawrenceville-based emergency shelter for women and children. The change is in the hours, with the center staying open into the afternoon instead of asking those who stayed overnight to leave first thing in the morning.

CLINE: A sneaker story with a happy ending

You’ve heard plenty of stories about sneakers. Most don’t have a happy ending. Here’s one that does.

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CLINE: The genius of stopping before you ever start

We’ve passed Father’s Day, but some days bring back more memories than others despite what the calendar says. For some reason, mowing the yard always brings back memories of my dad.

CLINE: A throwback role: the humble hero

These days there are a lot of folks drawing attention to themselves, making humble heroes like Deputy Kyle McMinn stand out even more.

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CLINE: Simple gesture makes major impact for more than 50 years

There is no shortage of charity work an octogenarian can do that would avoid any and all contact with prison inmantes, but Jean Brownlee was steadfast in her work at the prison, which included conducting Bible studies and helping inmates learn to read.

CLINE: Feeding the guest in my garden

What I like about these months is the fresh food that comes from trips to the farmers market and from our own garden as well.

CLINE: Return of World War II keepsakes proves some stories do end well

I don’t know about you, but I’m always up for some good news. In this line of work, we see plenty of the bad stuff so it’s refreshing when a story comes through that has a happy ending.

Atherton’s work on Dacula Memorial Day parade comes from the heart

It’s funny how often people who sincerely don’t want kudos are exactly the people most deserving of them. But that doesn’t mean heartfelt efforts shouldn’t be recognized.

CLINE: A reminder to be safe on the lake

One of the ways to prevent boating tragedies is awareness, which is where National Safe Boating Week comes in this week.

CLINE: This weekend make it a ‘Day’ out at the park

From Gwinnett’s award-winning parks to the many fine parks in its respective cities — from Suwanee to Duluth to Snellville to Sugar Hill — residents don’t lack for great facilities and amenities, everything from walking trails, to skate parks to soccer fields to dog parks. There’s no better place to hook a child on the fun of playing at the park than here.

CLINE: An ode to the month of May

Some months just hit you better than others. But there’s something about May that makes me feel good.

CLINE: Events highlight Gwinnett’s dedication to academics and sports

The week starts and ends with what’s best about Gwinnett County sports — highlighting both the intelligence and the athletic ability that has made the county stand out on the prep scene.

CLINE: A stroll down memory lane

My mother is Beverly Goldberg. I realized that this weekend while going through boxes of my old stuff that I cleaned out of her house.

CLINE: Greater Gwinnett Championship more than just golf

While the golfers are the focal point of the Greater Gwinnett Championship (hard to have a golf tournament without them), the event also raises money for charity while utilizing a dedicated and talented group of volunteers. This year, charitable proceeds will go to Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta and the Gwinnett Medical Center Foundation,

CLINE: Relay a Gwinnett tradition like no other

There are many traditions in Gwinnett County, but today we are a month out from one of the biggest and most successful. Here in Gwinnett we like to tout the many merits of the county, but there’s only one thing that I know of that can bill itself as best in the world.

CLINE: The selfless act of rescuing a dog

People who help rescue dogs are amazingly selfless. We see it in all walks of life, from people who volunteer at food pantries or Habitat for Humanity or for their church or at the local shelter. It seems only fitting to remind people of that selfless way of thinking during the week of Easter.

CLINE: If sideline reporters worked in the real world

As you drive toward the restaraunt, you can’t help but thinking what a waste of time the questions were. How they didn’t particularly provide any insight or accomplish anything other than taking up time. At that moment, you may have a feeling shared by any coach whose game has appeared on national television.

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CLINE: The road to nowhere sometimes isn't all that bad

There are a lot of hypothetical questions people like to pose, but we don’t usually ask about not-so fun things, like: Where would you prefer to break down if your car decided it wasn’t going to run?

CLINE: Building the foundation of volunteering

I think we’re all up for good deeds. It’s direction where we often need help. Most of us are willing to help out, we’re just not sure how or when or where

CLINE: Read Across America event sets perfect foundation

As birthday celebrations go, it’s a pretty good one. In honor of Dr. Suess’ birthday, March 2 has become Read Across America Day, where children are encouraged to continue reading and learning. In Gwinnett, the celebration is usually extended for the entire week, and in fact, March is also Read Across Georgia month, which supports child literacy in the state.

CLINE: A whole lot of nothing

It was good enough for “Cool Hand Luke” to make into a winning hand, so maybe nothing is good enough to make into a column.

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CLINE: When weather takes center stage, so does David Chandley

David Chandley, who lived in Gwinnett for 25 years, has made a few changes in his life, including a move downtown and a new role as chief meteorologist at Fox 5 in Atlanta.

CLINE: Make the roads safer by stopping for stopped school buses

Gwinnett schools, GCPS, Gwinnett school buses, Redflex, Gwinnett County, Gwinnett, stop arm cameras

CLINE: ‘Kids these days’ no longer a jeremiad

Whether it’s at events such as the spelling bee, other performances put on by students, I’m constantly impressed by the poise and talent of the young people in this county

CLINE: If you have a column idea, I’m all ears

It’s a pretty simple concept. There’s nothing more a columnist wants than a subject. A good idea, an interesting person, something to rail against, something to exalt. Something that (hopefully) resonates.

CLINE: A very Co-operative competition

As competitions go, this was both fun and friendly. Not to mention beneficial. The recent battle between the cities of Grayson and Snellville to see which could raise the most contributions to the Southeast Gwinnett Food Co-op was a great idea and the winner, both participants agreed, was set from the start.

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CLINE: Norcross High junior has different take on ‘running’ a race

What makes the Blue Devils Run 5K a little different is the person in charge, a bright-eyed go-getter who may one day conquer the world but must first complete her junior year of high school. Eliza Antonowich is in her third year as race director of an event expected to raise more than $10,000 for the school’s running programs.

CLINE: Making good on a resolution marathon

That resolutions to begin the new year are hard to keep is not a new concept, but the thought here is maybe it’s the resolution not the resoluter that is sometimes at fault.

CLINE: Another year of recollections

I sit here wondering how Christmas has come and gone and New Year’s Day is upon us. I guess it won’t be long until we’re wondering how it became baseball season again.

CLINE: Keep your sanity with some timely reminders this holiday season

Reminders don’t adhere to a schedule. They pop up unexpectedly, sometimes at the very moment you need a good reason to keep from jumping off the edge of the cliff.

CLINE: First run to title game makes season special for Archer football

While a spot in the finals is old hat for Gwinnett, it is a decidedly new experience for the Archer players and their fans. And an exciting one at that.

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CLINE: Red Kettle Campaign is a volunteer opportunity with a nice ring to it | VIDEO

Many service organizations, like local Rotary clubs, participate in the Red Kettle Campaign, and this year the Salvation Army had a first when Hebron Baptist Church in Dacula committed to manning a kettle at a local Kroger for all 40 days of the campaign.

CLINE: Local NFL players set example, give back

Here in Gwinnett we don’t have to look outside the county to find NFL do-gooders who embody the Thanksgiving spirit.

CLINE: From pigskin to the pulpit, preaching perseverance

We all have bad days. Rich folks, successful people, movie stars. There’s not one of us who go through life on a never-ending happy streak, except maybe Tim Tebow. And even he had to play for the New York Jets.

CLINE: Time flies when you’re getting old

That’s not to say growing up is all bad. If nothing else, adulthood gives you perspective you didn’t have as a young roller of eyes. Though you rue the quick passing of the year, you also have a deep appreciation for things that happened (and people who made them happen) in those preceding months.

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CLINE: Suwanee man marks 25 years with Young Life

Twenty-five years is a long time to do anything, but having a passion for your vocation makes that longevity possible. So it makes sense that Chuck Scott calls his work with Young Life a calling more than a profession.

CLINE: Volunteer spirit alive in Gwinnett

Those volunteering at an early age will likely continue as they grow older, inspiring friends and family along the way. For many people, the stumbling block to volunteering is knowing what to do or where to start.

CLINE: Key to your health is to not take your job sitting down

A recent study released by the British Journal of Sports Medicine found people who sat less were healthier even if they didn’t exercise a lot more. The conclusion was that the mere act of standing was an improvement over sitting.

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CLINE: Lawrenceville continues to forge link with Georgia Gwinnett College

It was not a coincidence that the grand opening of the Lawrenceville Lawn this past Saturday included a contingent of 50 or so green-clad Georgia Gwinnett College students. Both the venue and the college are vitally important to the city, which stands to benefit from the growth of the local college as well as the emergence of a central gathering place.

CLINE: Central High looking for community partners with move to Academy concept

Central Gwinnett High School is one of five schools — along with Lanier, Shiloh, South Gwinnett and Meadowcreek — in the county to adopt the College and Career Academy concept.

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CLINE: That's the ticket; stubs provide look at past concerts (and costs)

As major acts go, the $71.50 ticket price for the Garth Brooks World Tour is a bargain. With that in mind, I wondered how much it cost the previous time I saw the country music star.

CLINE: Sometimes there’s nothing better than a change of scenery

I’m not for certain that the grass is always greener elsewhere (Arizona comes to mind), but after several recent travels I have determinded that it is, at the very least, different. And sometimes that is more important than actually being better.

CLINE: A big difference between driving and commuting

Living in the metro area can greatly affect your feeling about driving, largely because the name of the act is so misleading. Sitting, idling and creeping are more accurate, leading us to judge trips by how long they take instead of how many miles they are.

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CLINE: Thurman lives a very 'fair' life

Dale Thurman, who has been in charge of the fair for the past 19 years, lives in a house at the back of the fairgrounds, making for a short commute to the office. Though he says “I’m always at work,” the 70-year-old says he wouldn’t have it any other way.

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CLINE: Remembering the woman who looked just like my mom

It’s interesting, to say the least, when your mom is an identical twin. It ends up being a unique situation not only for her and her sister but for their families as well.

CLINE: ALS challenge breaks the ice on raising awareness

Have you dumped a bucket of icewater over your head yet? Chances are you either have or you’ve seen a friend, relative, co-worker or celebrity do so through a video posted on social media. The Ice Bucket Challenge for ALS is a campaign to raise awarness and funds for the disease, also known as Lou Gehrig’s disease.

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CLINE: Giant tomato plant casts shadow over my own garden

Our Top 10 online stories this week supported what a lot of us already know — people enjoy reading about big fish and big garden plants. We covered those bases with a record-setting brown trout and a tomato plant that has its eyes on the Guinness Book of World Records.

CLINE: Gwinnett cities offer Atlanta alternative

This past weekend you could have watched a professional bicycle race in Duluth, or visited Sugar Hill to see an impressive car show, ride a zip line or see some good bands, including one fronted by movie star Kevin Bacon.

CLINE: When it comes to success, it takes a village

Sunday’s Hall of Fame speeches are a reminder that you don’t get anywhere in the world without some help.