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DALY: Lawn fungus, tomatoes and flowers in downtown Lawrenceville

Gwinnett Extension agent Tim Daly answers your questions on a variety of topics.

DALY: Many insects provide a valuable service through pollination

Insects provide us with a valuable service by pollinating. If you would like to learn more about them, Gwinnett County Extension is offering a class on butterflies and pollinators that will be held on Tuesday, July 7 from noon to 1 p.m. in the second-floor conference room of the Gwinnett County Government Annex Building located at 750 South Perry St..

DALY: Keeping pests at bay in vegetable gardens

Although pests attack our vegetable gardens, control measures can be utilized to reduce or prevent their infestation. Continually be on the lookout for pests and then apply measures for control.

DALY: Chocolate, vanilla and cinnamon have botanical origins

Chocolate, vanilla, and cinnamon have botanical origins. They were discovered by the Europeans centuries ago in exploring and colonizing parts of Asia and the Americas. Production of these spices is important to the economies of many areas of the world.

DALY: Oak trees, tomato leaf spots and mowing lawns

Gwinnett Extension Agent Tim Daly answers your questions.

DALY: Insect pest a major threat to hemlock trees

Hemlock wooly adelgids are a significant threat to the hemlock trees and their environment. Research is being conducted on new control methods and ways to limit the spread of the insect.

DALY: Choosing plants that tolerate wet areas

A common challenge many homeowners face is sections in their landscapes that stay continuously wet. The excessive rainfall of the past few months has contributed to the problem. Many plants commonly planted in the home landscape are unable to tolerate soil that stays wet constantly.

DALY: Avoid planting trees that have messy habits

Most people enjoy having trees in their landscape. Trees have aesthetic qualities and provide shade that is cooling on hot summer days.

Rose insects, aerating lawns and yellow azalea leaves

May is a great time to plant seeds for your vegetable garden since the ground is sufficiently warm to allow for proper germination.

DALY: Consider alternatives to sites where grass has trouble growing

You do not have to have all of your home landscapes in turfgrass. Though attractive, lawns tend to be high maintenance. Reducing the size of the lawn by constructing some beds of ornamental plants is beneficial.

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