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Yale QB rebuts report on Rhodes withdrawal

Patrick Witt, who played quarterback for Parkview High in 2005, is in the news again after making headlines about a decision to compete for a Rhodes Scholarship.

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Nun famous for kissing Elvis prays for miracle

In the little town of Bethlehem, a cloistered nun whose luminous blue eyes entranced Elvis Presley in his first on-screen movie kiss is praying for a Christmas miracle.

Palin's non-word 'refudiate' gets most online searches

SPRINGFIELD, Mass. — Merriam-Webster’s “Word of the Summer” is not even a word. That’s something no one can “refudiate.”

Must read: Photograph helps solve mystery of man's drowning 15 years later

SPRINGFIELD, Mass. - A treasured old photograph, a police investigator's long-shot appeal to the public and a retiree's sharp memory have combined to solve a 15-year-old drowning mystery.

Nuns leaving brains to science Part of long-running Alzheimer's study

WILTON, Conn. - When Sister Kathleen Treanor's soul ascends to heaven, her brain will go to a less ethereal realm: a medical lab in Kentucky.

Must read: Winner in Word of the Year poll something for gamers to 'w00t' about

SPRINGFIELD, Mass. - Expect cheers among hardcore online game enthusiasts when they learn Merriam-Webster's Word of the Year. Or, more accurately, expect them to 'w00t.'

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