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HALL: Time to stand up, but much easier to sit

I can’t recall a time when I have seen so many protests. Each day, somebody, somewhere, is shouting at the top of their lungs, fist raised in the air protesting.

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HALL: Fifty years later, murders remembered

This year marks the 50th anniversary of when Gwinnett County Police Officers Jerry Everett, Jesse Gravitt and Ralph Davis were shot and killed after having been handcuffed together.

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HALL: Greater Gwinnett Championship is more than just a golf tournament

In just a few short weeks the Champions Tour rolls back into Gwinnett and the Atlanta area for the Greater Gwinnett Championship at TPC Sugarloaf. After a successful inaugural event in 2013, the 2014 production looks to be even bigger and better.

HALL: What were you trying to say?

For those who choose the easier and constantly changing message that is based primarily on fictional fodder, diluted doctrine and most often, a weak spine, their message will be forever blurred. They are the ones who people will constantly ask that dreaded question. “What are they trying to say?”

HALL: Recalibration complete

The success of so many things in our lives is dependent on proper calibration. We have grown accustomed to the results that are available to us based on an unbelievable collection of some of the some of the most scientific and technologically advanced inventions that have ever been known to man.

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HALL: When potential no longer matters

Potential is a tricky word. When it is used, it typically identifies something as a fact or a sure thing.

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HALL: Not our father's government

How is it that this very same form of government has been able to trudge through for the past few hundred years, including some fairly impressive obstacles, but now at least gives the appearance, of being obsolete based on recent events? I would submit that it is not the system that has failed us but more those and their completely partisan ideologies that control the system, that have failed us.

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HALL: When watchdogs become rabid

To those loud and often ear piercing barkers…if the shoe fits, spare us.

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GUEST VOICES: Which country is it? That's debatable

Which country is it? That's what's debatable. In a world where nothing is at all as it seems, it is no wonder that the discussions of the presidential and vice-presidential debates went the way that they did. Not in so much as who won or who lost, or which

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HALL: Delivering the goods

Thank goodness the service delivery fiasco is finally settled.

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