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Man found dead at Duluth apartment complex April 19, 2014

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MCCULLOUGH: Some Internet quizzes leave me with questions

Some Internet quizzes leave me with questions.

MCCULLOUGH: Ninety-one good years for Granny

Earth was blessed to have Granny for 91 years.

MCCULLOUGH: The great Atlanta snowjob

The snow was fake, so says the Internet idiots

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MCCULLOUGH: Wishing 'The Worm' would go away

I’d prefer not to see Dennis Rodman on my television screen anymore.

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MCCULLOUGH: I resolve not to resolve

I resolve not to make any New Year’s resolutions

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MCCULLOUGH: Tired of Christmas crazy

Every year I vow to make the next Christmas a better experience, and I fail miserably.

MCCULLOUGH: Movie star misses mark on free speech

Movie star sends wrong message about speech, liberty

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MCCULLOUGH: Weather can’t keep Cousin Courageous from running marathon for St. Jude’s

Weather can’t keep woman from running marathon for St. Jude’s

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MCCULLOUGH: More should be done to force release of Korean War vet

It’s shameful that US leaders aren’t doing more to pressure North Korea to release 85-year-old war veteran.

MCCULLOUGH: On being thankful in tough year

Thankful in a tough year

MCCULLOUGH: Needing some simplicity

Why do so many things have to be so complicated?

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MCCULLOUGH: Give a little bit of Halloween back to the kids

As much as I enjoy celebrating Halloween as an adult — and it is most definitely an adult holiday now — it’s the Halloween of my childhood I found myself missing this October.

MCCULLOUGH: As America squabbles over health care, Nigerian group is getting things done

Donnie Ikpa is the president of the Atlanta chapter of Udi-Ezeagu, a nonprofit organization that seeks to provide free health care in two counties in his native Nigeria. He is also the chairman of the national fundraising committee.

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MCCULLOUGH: The real risk to our country

I can’t figure out if the Republicans are doing this because they really believe Obamacare is going to herald the end of the republic — or because they’re afraid it might work.

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MCCULLOUGH: Being poor isn't a crime

Congress shouldn’t forget the poor in trying to clean up fraud

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MCCULLOUGH: Special thanks to a special lady

Wishing my mother a very happy birthday

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MCCULLOUGH: Maybe Magic Eight Ball has Syria answers

I have lots of questions about Syria

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MCCULLOUGH: Making a name for themselves

We can’t get away from weird names.

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MCCULLOUGH: A world unfit for The King

The King might be glad he’s gone

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MCCULLOUGH: Upscale dorm room an oxymoron

What do college kids need with upscale dorm furnishings?

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MCCULLOUGH: Pain in the head and the heart

Help honor a teen who passed away from a brain tumor by helping another child who is fighting one.

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MCCULLOUGH: Bug-eyed over bugging out

People get carried away with doomsday scenarios.

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MCCULLOUGH: Fla. jury did its job in Zimmerman case

George Zimmerman is probably guilty of something — but not murder, at least according to a Florida jury.

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MCCULLOUGH: Not tired of the rain -- yet

Rain, rain ... stick around. Rain seems to be the dominant force in weather around here these days.. The water that falls from the sky has gotten to be such a common occurrence that I'm confused when I look up and see blue sky or the sun -- for the few

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MCCULLOUGH: Americans still good at giving

I spend a lot of time complaining about the state of our society. But today, I'd like to point out something that I think people nowadays do right.

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MCCULLOUGH: The poor man's rich man

So the other day I was watching television, and I saw an ad for a show I never would've guessed was needed or existed: "Beverly Hills Pawn."

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MCCULLOUGH: Tragic movie brings up memories of good friend

Becky, It's been 17 years since we sat on the front porch and talked that night. It was a college graduation party, in Atlanta in a neighborhood behind the Majestic diner. It was probably 2 a.m.

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MCCULLOUGH: Americans should be ashamed of letting liberties be taken

It's dawn, June 6, 1944. You're a U.S. soldier bouncing across the English Channel in a Higgins boat, your stomach in your throat from seasickness and your heart about to explode in your chest.

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MCCULLOUGH: Redemption still not likely for baseball

Kick 'em all out.. I'm talking about the latest group of sinners in baseball. If it turns out that A-Rod, et al., were using performance enhancing drugs then strip them of their records, kick them out of the sport, and if they committed crimes, put

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MCCULLOUGH: Life on Mars? Not just yet

As I've told you before, perhaps verbatim, I love a good conspiracy theory. Ditto a good ghost story, monster yarn and tales of the unexplained. I guess they appeal to my imagination, which has always been a blessing and curse.

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MCCULLOUGH: English more important in health profession

I don't make a habit of responding to other columns in this paper, but I would like to add something to one that appeared Thursday by Esther Cepeda.. The headline was "Hang-ups with official languages," and concerned her belief that English will continue

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MCCULLOUGH: The police state grows

The older I get the more I become convinced Orwell had a time machine.

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MCCULLOUGH: Raising a nation of sociopaths

We're raising a generation of narcissists and socipathic criminals.

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MCCULLOUGH: A rose by any other name is ridiculous

We've all heard a story of someone with a ridiculous name.

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MCCULLOUGH: No good deed goes unpunished

No good deed goes unpunished. All I wanted to do was give the dude his phone back.. Tuesday evening I found a newer BlackBerry in a gas station parking lot. My first thought was to leave it with the attendant, but I quickly brushed that idea aside, thinking that a

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MCCULLOUGH: Watching people sign rights away stupefying

As disturbing as the week's events have been, the most horrifying thing I've seen is not the bombings or the ricin letters or the fertilizer plant explosion.

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MCCULLOUGH: Keep up cancer fight

I was leaving my doctor's office the other day when a cancer patient got on the elevator with me.

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MCCULLOUGH: The powers of perception

I had a test recently to determine how much of my hearing I've lost due to this tumor in my head. I have a noticeable difference between my right and left ears when I talk on a phone now, so the doctors wanted to see how

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MCCULLOUGH: Time for March Sadness

I don't know why I bet on the tournament.

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MCCULLOUGH: What to get the man who gave you everything

Wishing a happy birthday to my dad.

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MCCULLOUGH: Do unto others, unless it'll get us sued

I would've tried to save her. I would've gotten fired and maybe sued, but I would've tried anyway.

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MCCULLOUGH: I'll have the duck

I am a fan of "Duck Dynasty," and that's saying a lot because I tend to steer far away from so-called reality shows.

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MCCULLOUGH: Next pope should clean house

Next pope should clean house. The latest revelation by a European newspaper that Pope Benedict XVI may have chosen to resign after finding out about a possible blackmail scandal is further proof that the Catholic church needs a fresh face for a leader.. I am not Catholic, so in the

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MCCULLOUGH: Reaction to fugitive's death a bit shocking

Reaction to fugitive's death somewhat stunning.

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MCCULLOUGH: The more gun training the better

At least some who are arming themselves are getting training, too.

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MCCULLOUGH: Thinking of skipping Super Bowl

Nearly 180 million people are expected to watch the Super Bowl this Sunday. I'm not sure I'm going to be one of them.

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MCCULLOUGH: Please, no snow

I don't want to see snow and ice today.

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MCCULLOUGH: Sports journalists dropped ball on fake girlfriend story

Sports journalists dropped the ball on Manti Te'o fake girlfriend story. I can't begin to imagine where the path of the Manti Te'o fake girlfriend story is going to lead, but I really hope it leads to the truth. But can we be sure it will?. Apparently, the website

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MCCULLOUGH: Stupid is as stupid does

Stupid is as stupid does and it does a lot. The Mayans may have been right after all. Perhaps they were just a little off on the date, because surely the human race has become too stupid to continue.. How so? Let's start at the headquarters for stupid, Washington D.C

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MCCULLOUGH: Direct-pay doc an idea whose time has come

Direct-pay doc an idea whose time has come. I spend a lot of time in doctors' offices, more in the past year than in my whole previous lifetime, thanks to a list of unforeseen health problems for both myself and my wife. All that time smelling disinfectant and reading