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GERSON: GOP: Stop being so negative

Conservatives do not (or should not) oppose Obamacare because they want fewer Americans to receive health care. But making this clear requires an alternative that covers more people at a lower cost, without all the regulations, taxes and mandates of the current system.

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GERSON: The GOP's purity faction

The problem for Republicans (as Democrats found in the 1970s and ’80s) is that factions are seldom deterred by defeat. Every loss is taken as proof of insufficient purity. Conservatives now face the ideological temptation: inviting an unpleasant political reality by refusing to inhabit political reality.

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GERSON: Francis the troublemaker

Francis observed: “Tell me, when God looks at a gay person, does he endorse the existence of this person with love, or reject and condemn this person? We must always consider the person.”

GERSON: Giving up on America's children

WASHINGTON -- The Obama administration is increasingly known not for its legislative achievements but for its federal waivers to legislative achievements.

GERSON: Romney's strategic failure on immigration

Romney's whole post-primary approach to immigration has been careful and reasonable. — but politically, a strategic failure.

GERSON: Emergence of a great nation

Over the last few decades, the obituaries of World War I veterans have come, according to historian Martin Gilbert, like “like a muffled drum.” With the recent passing of Frank Buckles — the last doughboy — Pershing’s army has finally retired from the field. The drum is stilled and put away.

GERSON: Reform answer to Obama's problems - and the nation's

The main achievements of the lame-duck session of Congress were reminders of what might have been. President Obama gave something to get something. To secure a second stimulus, he accepted Republican economic methods. To pass the New START treaty, Obama offered assurances to Republican senators on nuclear modernization and missile defense. Contrast this with health-care reform, imposed in party-line maneuvers that left an aftertaste of ideological radicalism.

GERSON: Dems show true colors in reform push

The final outcome of the health-care-reform debate is uncertain -- who can predict where a writhing eel will land? -- but we have learned a few things already.

Obama's fix doesn't match the problem

Editor's note: David Broder is on vacation. His column will resume Sunday.

Diplomacy doesn't always work

Editor's note: Kathleen Parker is on vacation. Her column will resume Dec. 31.

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