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Mark Lloyd: Use 'time horizon' to invest well

Use 'time horizon' to invest well. In times like these, you may be tempted to stuff your money under the mattress or bury it in the backyard. But, unfortunately, that only yields moldy money -- if the groundhogs don't carry it away.. In addition, that strategy won't grow assets over

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Mark Lloyd: Use 'time horizon' to invest well

Wild swings on Wall Street. A national debt out of control with trade issues and a European debt crisis not far behind. Stubborn unemployment. Crumbling home values. The question has become for many investors — what exactly is going on here?

LLOYD: Recession doesn't change good investment practices

From headlines to bylines, the overwhelming media focus these days is on the debt and the deficit. As the U.S. economy haltingly begins to ease its way out of what has been a significant recessionary cycle, that kind of hand-wringing and glass-half-empty perspective is natural, perhaps even healthy.

LLOYD: Hiddenflation? Rising costs take toll on consumers

As anyone who has made a run to the grocery store or filled up their gas tank lately knows all too well, prices for many commodities are rising. It seems as if every day in the news we are hearing about how the cost of everything from food to gas is going up, and our wallets feel a little bit lighter as a result.

LLOYD: Tax changes make sound planning more important

In the midst of what for many has so far been a chilly and snow-filled winter, spring can seem awfully far away. But while warmer temperatures and blooming flowers may seem like a pipe dream right now, the reality is that another new season is right around the corner: tax season.

LLOYD: Financial resolutions for a brand new year

Once the ball has dropped, the toasts have been made and the noisemakers put away for another year, we will all wake up ready to face a new year of responsibilities — and opportunities. For many of us, this weekend marks the end of a holiday season that, from a financial standpoint at least, is likely to be as much about putting the past few years in the rearview mirror as it is a celebration of future possibilities.

LLOYD: Big changes on horizon make financial planning more important

As 2010 draws to a close and 2011 looms, we are reminded once again that taxes -- one of life's two unavoidable certainties -- are actually much less certain than some of us might think. The changing tax policies and legislative developments on tap for 2011 are significant both in terms of the sheer number of changes and of their potential impact on businesses and taxpayers.

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What should investors be doing with their money?

Some of the questions that are often asked when I appear on the Fox Business Network or on local TV are: Why is the market moving up and down in big swings? Are we heading for a double dip recession and another crash in the market? Should I be invested in the market or jump out again?

LLOYD: Keep positive when you look at investments

Quite appropriately, the recent economic downfall of Greece has spurned a barrage of watchful analysts, busy assessing the American market and the impending repercussions on our financial system. Essentially, Greece's debt woes hold the startling capacity to ignite a firestorm of debt crises throughout Europe, which can lead to a plummet in global recovery efforts and a constraint upon the ongoing reconstruction of our American economy.

LLOYD: Despite government, economy, good investments still available

During the past few weeks, the hot topic around the water cooler, which used to center on who's going to win "American Idol" or the latest hot stock pick, has been replaced by opinions on health care reform. This once dead bill resurrected itself -- like something out of "Nightmare on Elm Street" -- and has elicited extremely strong opinions in the process.

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