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SMITH: Paul Herring, a real American hero

At 94, Paul Herring, forever a man in red and black where blue and orange colors dominate, has very few memory lapses. Events in his life 70 years ago are as clear and vivid as they were when his B-17 was shot down over Belgium in March of 1944.

SMITH: The sad disappearance of America’s small farms

We are losing farms in this country, which essentially means that the small farmer will soon be extinct. As the little farms disappear, the big farms get bigger. Georgia, like many states these days, has fewer farmers but bigger farms.

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SMITH: Even Lewis Grizzard needed help finding a first job

I did find Lewis Grizzard a job. With the short-lived Atlanta Times, which sparked laughter in the years that followed as the Times went under. Lewis was but one of the victims holding a fistful of past dues.

SMITH: Louise Kidd Jordan, a ‘work of art’

She’s pretty, cogent, clever, engaging, and inspirational. Lovable, kind-hearted, and selfless with an uncluttered mind, which is linked to a history of caring and giving. Class and manners, goodwill and altruism have been her companions for 101 years.

LORAN SMITH: Life after football is good for Walt Garrison

Walt Garrison is one of those inspiring people who made the most of his football ability and of every opportunity that came his way— applying common sense, energy and the work ethic to succeed.

Modest Georgia native Westbrook adjusts to retirement

It’s different, it’s a new experience. He misses the Florida sunshine and an opportunity to compete at the ultimate level, but he doesn’t miss the travel.

SMITH: The late Rholetter gave great effort for Bulldogs

David Rholetter died without headlines recently with only his teammates and coaches fully appreciating his football worth.

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SMITH: The joy of cracking open a bag of crackers

Made of flour, water, and salt, the tasty crackers have often been referred to as “soda” crackers. They are great when you need a snack or when you are serving chili, stews, soups, or dips.

SMITH: The life-saving story of Felix the cat

Billy Bryant wasn’t always a cat person, but after his pet cat Felix helped save his life, he’s singing a different tune.

SMITH: Georgia Sports Hall of Fame honors sterling class

The Georgia Sports Hall of Fame in Macon inducted its latest selections last weekend

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