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SMITH: Spending time in horse country

Horse country is about blue grass, bourbon, and big bucks. It is also about limestone waters, which affect the taste of the bourbon and the quality of the bluegrass.

SMITH: The joy of a nice drive and smalltown Georgia

If you are heading this way anytime soon, take the time to browse about in Washington, Ga. Don’t let a by-pass keep you from embracing one of our state’s classic historical cities.

SMITH: Honoring a true patriot and Bulldog

Paul Herring, 95 years old and a member of the Greatest Generation, returned to the University of Georgia campus last week to receive a citation from the Terry College of Business and to reminisce about his days on campus.

SMITH: With baseball season on the horizon, a nod to an old bat company

No brand has ever been more prominent in sport than the Louisville Slugger. Nobody has ever been able to compete with Louisville Slugger, although the Hanna Manufacturing Company in Athens was a formidable business rival in the 1950s. The Hanna Bat Rite model was popular with a number of Big League players.

SMITH: The colorful stories of a former governor

Over the years, I have come to appreciate certain shenanigans among our politicos for the pure humor associated with their tenure. You might find fault with their prejudice, maybe their scheming, and for sure the greasing of their palms. However, there was humor in their style

SMITH: Remembering when times were simpler and better

There are some things about the past I can do without — picking cotton, no air conditioning, no indoor plumbing, and 50-minute sermons — but there is something to be said about the times my generation enjoyed

SMITH: A different type of team at UGA

Not many of your friends or mine would take note if Steve Stice, the University of Georgia’s most exalted scientist, walked into a room — as they would if some football coach, athlete of note, or musical personality were in their midst. Likely, they wouldn’t know the depth of Stice’s work. Even if they did, their intellectual pendulum might still swing in the direction of the others.

SMITH: Coke’s contour bottle approaches 100th birthday

Many of us grew up on Coca-Cola. If you date back, you likely are an aficionado of the contour bottle, which is 100 years old this year.

SMITH: Maker’s Mark makes just that with its whisky

A tour of the Maker’s Mark Distillery near here is not without arresting experience as you learn about making a bourbon which has made its mark with its name, red wax label and squarish bottle.

SMITH: Doing my best to survive winter

The winter time is not so bad for most of us, but there are always feelings of empathy for those who work outdoors in the cold

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