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SMITH: A home-cooked meal does the body (and soul) good

If there were a choice between the above, prepared by my mother’s hand, and a meal at a five-star restaurant, it would be hard to turn down the aforementioned servings from my mother’s kitchen.

SMITH: Nothing like going to Helen and back

Many of the people who visit Helen are given to trashing the river. They should be buggy whipped post haste.

SMITH: The beauty of the Ringneck pheasant

How could any listing of beautiful birds not include the Ringneck pheasant? This bird, which came to us by way of China, is, without question, the prettiest game bird there is.

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SMITH: Trip to South Dakota stirs memories of pheasant hunting and friends

A return trip to South Dakota, which is a favorite state, brought about the exhilarating experiences of shooting a cock pheasant, spending time with a seasoned hunting partner, and reverently toasting the memory of a fallen friend.

SMITH: With holidays approaching, food banks need your help

The holiday season is coming up, and there are some families out there who are not doing so well. A number of them would go hungry were it not for the food banks.

SMITH: UGA researcher expert on food safety

There are celebrated researchers on the campus, like microbiologist Michael Doyle, whose research may be the most important there is, if you consider how important food is to each of us — and particularly if you consider that we are now importing 20 percent of our food.

SMITH: We all know it’s the best medicine

I like to be around people who make me laugh. Makes me want to spend more time with them. When you see them at a social function, you naturally gravitate to their circle

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SMITH: Wesleyan grad David Andrews a stalwart on UGA offensive line

David Andrews, a big fan of the outdoors, does some of his best work blocking for Todd Gurley and company in Sanford Stadium

SMITH: Walt Garrison no longer in the NFL, but always entertaining

You may remember Walt Garrison, the Dallas Cowboys running back who was a smokeless tobacco advocate. He is one funny guy. If you hire him to speak for you, you will get your money’s worth.

SMITH: Colorado’s Yampa River a trout-fishing treat

The Yampa River and its plentiful trout — rainbow, brown, and brook - is very alluring. The 250-mile-long, north-flowing river is a tributary of the Green River. It has the second largest watershed in the state

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