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MCLEOD: Why servant leadership is slightly off

Open door leadership takes work. It requires mastering the duality of power and service, being both confident and humble at the same time. It also means helping your people become more confident and pulling through opportunity rather than pushing through fear.

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MCLEOD: Learn which feedback to listen to and which to ignore

Are you listening to the wrong feedback?. All feedback is not valid. A big problem with feedback is that we often listen to the wrong sources.. For example, my friend Julie felt called to make handmade cards.. From an early age she crafted masterpieces. She spent hours on each card

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MCLEOD: How the nobility of sales is eroded

Sales is a noble profession; we shouldn't let it be sullied by the people who do it badly.

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MCLEOD: Why understanding the back story helps

Twenty-something years ago several babies were born. Some of them wound up creating violence; others tried to save people from it. I want to know why.

MCLEOD: Are you trying to make the wrong decisions?

Trying to decide too early doesn't propel you forward, it holds you back. Next time you're facing an uncertain situation, instead of flashing forward two steps, stay in the present. That's where the best decisions are always made.

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MCLEOD: Protecting yourself from being hit in the gut by the two-by-four called love

So that's what we're left with, the risk of love. It's sad, it's ugly, and it's worth it.

MCLEOD: Why you shouldn't tell your boss everything

The boss wants what we all want: support, respect and someone to say, "I've got your back buddy."

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MCLEOD: Why hating rich people is making you broke

Author Randy Gage says there's no reason to dislike people because they have money.

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MCLEOD: How 2 minutes of power posing can make you more confident

What goes through your mind before you walk into an important meeting?

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MCLEOD: Why looks matter more than you think

Humans are visual; we can ignore it, or adjust accordingly.

MCLEOD: The time-saving rule that most people think is stupid

You know the people who are always worrying about whether or not someone is trying to take advantage of them?. Maybe you know someone like this. They question the motives, quality and price of everything. When they need to buy something, they spend hours trying to figure out the exact

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MCLEOD: How to avoid the fatal money mistake

It's ironic, but the business research shows that when you overemphasize money, you make less of it. But when your noble purpose is to help customers, you drive more revenue.

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MCLEOD: Why fear is a terrible motivator

Whether it's improving life customers, or making the world a better place for everyone, when people have a larger purpose than just trying to keep their jobs, they're more focused, and more effective. They're also more likely to act in a bold and courageous manner.

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MCLEOD: Four reasons the world isn't is bad as you think

Humankind still has plenty of work to do. But when you look at the arc of human history, we're definitely moving in the right direction. We invent, we create and we become kinder to each other, every single day.

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MCLEOD: Why we put happiness on hold

Plan for the future all you want, but don't put your happiness on hold until it gets here. Start being happy today, you won't regret it.

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MCLEOD: 3 mistaken beliefs about conflict and how to overcome them

Nobody likes conflict, but avoiding conflict usually winds up being even more painful than addressing it.

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MCLEOD: How to build a great relationship in 15 minutes a day

Little snippets of time matter. Whether it's breakfast, dinner, your employees or your kids, when you schedule time for positive interaction, you get results.

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MCLEOD: I knew it, I knew it

Whether you believe it's a scientific sixth sense or a mystical connection to the divine, every person alive has the power of intuition. All you have to do is quiet your mind and pay attention to your own inner knowing.

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MCLEOD: Why shared commitment gives you courage

Courage isn't the absence of fear; it's the ability to act in the face of fear.

MCLEOD: Lessons from a boiling frog

If you put a frog in a pot of boiling water, it jumps out. But if you put a frog in cool water and gradually turn up the heat, the frog will boil to death without ever trying to escape.. The same thing happens to people.. If someone had told

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MCLEOD: How I reframed paying my taxes

Whken it comes to attitudes, how you frame your conversation makes all the difference.

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MCLEOD: How to get things done at home and in the office

We all procroastinate, but here are a few tips to keep you from doing it. So don't put off reading this.

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MCLEOD: Why profit should not be the primary purpose of business

Many people believe that the sole purpose of business is to make money. They’re wrong.

MCLEOD: Why purpose matters: Four business reasons plus one emotional one

Working for a higher purpose engages people's passions.

MCLEOD: Why the past is easier to judge than the present

Consider the context of the times when judging people.

MCLEOD: Free tips to make your life better next year

Pick a resolution and stick with it.

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MCLEOD: The sales rep who loved, and why you should be very afraid

Finding the right motivation to perform.

MCLEOD: The terrible thing that happened while I wasn't looking

Coming to terms with my daughter leaving home for college.

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MCLEOD: How to be more persuasive and influential in the workplace

You know who they are, they're the people who can walk into a meeting and charm the socks off everyone in the room.

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MCLEOD: Five ways sleep deprivation ruins your relationships

Think you’re doing your employer or family a favor by giving up on sleep to get more done?

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MCLEOD: Why some successful people won't admit they're lucky

Have you ever noticed how prickly some people get if someone suggests that luck had anything to do with their success?

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MCLEOD: Making change isn't a willpower problem; it's a math problem

Have you ever tried to lose weight, quit smoking, or get out of debt and become frustrated when you failed?

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MCLEOD: The reasons so many people are bad communicators

From the anal retentive drones whose power point presentations seem to last for weeks to the overbearing braggart who can’t stop telling you how wonderful he is, some people just aren’t very good at communicating.

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MCLEOD: What Adams, Jefferson teach us about collaboration

How do you live or work with someone who sees the world through a different lens than you do?

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McLEOD: Learning the real truth about other people

Other people are flawed, they’re badly flawed. They’re selfish, they’re mean, they’re cheap, they’re sloppy they’re lazy, and in most cases they’re completely unwilling to even acknowledge they’re doing anything wrong.

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MCLEOD: Is your job the problem or is it your personality?

How did you choose your profession?

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McLEOD: Why resolutions fail and how you can make yours stick

Eighty percent of New Year’s resolutions fail by Jan 20.

MCLEOD: Can your buddy's brother-in-law bring you down?

What happens if your best friend’s sister gets divorced?

MCLEOD: Flipping the switch on your own thinking

Psychologists refer to it as fundamental attribution error and self-serving bias.

MCLEOD: Are your stories serving or sabotaging you?

What's your story?We all have stories. They're the inner thought track of our lives. The challenge is, they're not always true, and sometimes even if they are true, repeating them doesn't always bring out the best in us.

MCLEOD: Can you tolerate some uncertainty in life?

How comfortable are you with uncertainty? If you’re like most of us, you probably find it easier to function when things are settled.

MCLEOD: Why everybody shouldn't always get a trophy

You're sooo special.

MCLEOD: Why everybody shouldn't always get a trophy

You’re sooo special.

MCLEOD: Anger vs. depression: Two sides of the same coin

Would you rather be around someone who's depressed, or someone who's angry?It's not exactly Sophie's Choice.

MCLEOD: You can volunteer your way to job-hunting success

If you've already got a job, there are plenty of people out there who are quite eager to take your place. And if you're looking for work, you already know how tough it is.

MCLEOD: The Male Factor: The secret beliefs of men that women miss

Why do people of the opposite sex act so weird at work?Anyone who works in an environment where their sex is in the minority knows that men and women are different. Actually, anyone who's ever gone to school, ridden a bus, dated, read a Facebook page, been married, raised kids or walked through a mall knows we're different.

MCLEOD: Why being a great boss, parent aren't as different as we think

When we think about great parents, we tend to use words like loving, nurturing and kind. Yet when describing high performing bosses, we're more likely to talk about being decisive, tough and directive.

MCLEOD: Why being a great boss, parent aren't as different as we think

When we think about great parents, we tend to use words like loving, nurturing and kind. Yet when describing high performing bosses, we’re more likely to talk about being decisive, tough and directive.

McLEOD: When it comes to divorce, the devil is in the details

We all know them; you might even be one of them. They're the bitter divorced people who five years later are still seething with anger at their ex-spouse.

MCLEOD: Create systems for success, not to impress

Can you give a great presentation if you have a messy office?Can you be a fabulous parent if you've got laundry strewn all over the house?