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Lisa McLeod

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MCLEOD: We’re asking the wrong questions about cheating

If we continue to reward test scores, we’ll continue to get cheating. But if we decide that we, the American people care passionately about learning, we’ll create a system that inspires our students and teachers to feel the same way.

MCLEOD: How the story about the lady and the baskets made me a better spouse

My friend who is a divorce lawyer says, “Most marriage failures are not the result of infidelity, substance abuse or in-laws. Most marriage failures are the result of selfishness.”

MCLEOD: Why I created the business concept noble purpose

Which circles us back to the leadership question of the day – do you have a noble purpose? Or do you just sell stuff?

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MCLEOD: The myth of 'the one thing'

Success or failure is never one thing; it’s lots of things.

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MCLEOD: Two wastes of time that shouldn't happen

Life is short. Meaningful human interaction is an excellent way to spend our limited time on this earth.

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MCLEOD: Why I taught my daughters how to be ambassadors in the fifth grade

World travel enlarges people. It’s a big wide world, the more you see of it, the more you appreciate it.

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MCLEOD: Why we trust strangers, but not people we know

We humans have cast our lot together. Trusting each other is the only way we’re going to get anything done.

MCLEOD: Why we wish away happiness

Your life is a series of moments. You can enjoy them, or you can wish them away. It’s your choice.

MCLEOD: The Airplane Experiment: Role reversal gone awry

Wouldn’t it be great if your boss had to spend a week doing your job? Or your spouse had to take care of your jobs?

MCLEOD: What to do when your friend’s father dies

Here’s the thing I’ve learned: funerals matter. When a friend helps you through a funeral, you never forget it.

MCLEOD: The big mistake people make when they negotiate

There are two types of negotiation. The kind where you don’t care what kind of reputation you’re creating, like a hostage negotiation. The other kind of negotiation is when you’re negotiating prices and terms with people that you’re eventually going to have to work with.

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MCLEOD: The big question that changes everything

The big question — How would I want this handled if I were on the other side? — doesn’t simplify problems, it illuminates their complexity, which is exactly what is required to solve them.

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MCLEOD: Why trying to make your children happy makes everyone miserable

If you ask people what they want for their children, most will tell you that they just want their kids to grow up to be happy.

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MCLEOD: Turning advesaries into allies

Personally, and in business, mastering people skills is life’s big difference-maker. It’s not easy, but important skills are rarely intuitive. Mastering the art of winning people over is the difference between being surrounded by support and enthusiasm versus having do everything on your own.

MCLEOD: Why happy families require 12 great relationships

Group relationships are complex. But they’re worth it.

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MCLEOD: Three ways to deal with a poison person

If you’re forced to co-exist with a poison person, don’t make the mistake of letting them inject their venom into your life. They may be the killjoy, but you’re the one inviting them to dinner every night.

MCLEOD: Intentions are more fun than resolutions

If you’ve already abandoned your resolution, or you’re wavering, try reframing it into an intention. You’ll feel better about it, and you can go back to it all year long.

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MCLEOD: Five friends nobody needs and how to manage them

Life is too short to have — or to be — a bad friend. If you see yourself in any of these, it’s not too late to change. And if these remind you of someone you know, you might want to consider an intervention.

MCLEOD: Three ways to leverage the power of the pause

When you pause, you breathe, which makes you physically stronger, and you clear your mind, which enables you to think more strategically.

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MCLEOD: Are your greatest strengths holding you back?

We’ve all known people who touted the merits of their best (perceived) traits without realizing that they carried them to such extremes that people found them off putting.

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MCLEOD: Nobody feels confident the first time they try a backflip

The 60 percent principle is my new mantra. If I want it, and I’m close to 60 percent confident that I can do it, I’m going for it.

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MCLEOD: Sacrificing love of learning on the altar of memorization

There’s a great scene in the 1980s movie “When Peggy Sue Got Married.” Kathleen Turner’s time travels go back to high school. Already having lived much of her adult life, she confidently tells her math teacher, “Mr. Snelgrove, I happen to know that in the future I will not have the slightest use for algebra.”

MCLEOD: Why compromise is a flawed model

We’ve been told that when two sides disagree, we’re supposed to compromise, but that never really works.

MCLEOD: Why millenials consider an iPhone a basic human right

Kit Yarrow, author of “Gen Buy: How Tweens, Teens and Twenty-Somethings are Revolutionizing Retail,” says, “What you learn as a kid kind of becomes your values as an adult, so this generation really knows luxury and quality, and that’s what they want.”

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MCLEOD: How to create a culture of purpose

People want to make money. They also want to make a difference. Creating a culture of passion and purpose is how you do both.

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MCLEOD: Redundant paperwork ruins everything

Paperwork is bad enough, but when people ask you to fill out their forms with the same information you provided on a previous visit, they’re trying to make their life easier, not yours.

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MCLEOD: Three reasons you might need a Red Team

What if you had a team of people whose sole job was to find fault with your thinking? It’s called a Red Team. Used by the CIA, IBM, the Army, news organizations and other businesses, a Red team is a group designed to penetrate your defenses

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MCLEOD: How to navigate the blurry years

The lines between work and home may be blurred, but make no mistake, the skills and mindset required in each venue remain distinctly different.

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MCLEOD: Why bosses and teachers have so much power over families

The boss affects every member of the employee’s family. The same is true of teachers. Your spouse’s boss and your kids’ teachers can be a source of joy, or misery, for an entire family.

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MCLEOD: Why we're usually wrong about other people

You’re not the person you were 25 or even two years ago, neither is anyone else. Don’t let assumptions about who a person once was inform the way you interact with them today.

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MCLEOD: Why moving the needle matters

You don’t accomplish big things overnight; you move the needle every day. Sometimes you get the big score and sometime you don’t. Whichever way it turns out moving the needle is always worth the effort.

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MCLEOD: What the worst companies in America have in common

Running a big organization isn’t easy; I truly empathize with the leaders that made the awful list. But as my grandmother used to say, if you want to fix a problem, the best place to start is with yourself.

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MCLEOD: Our three biggest fears

Your fears and insecurity don’t exist outside of your own head. Banishing them from your brain isn’t easy, but it leaves space for something more fun and productive.

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MCLEOD: Three ways to break out of the gerbil syndrome

Life may come at you in frantic endless blips, but don't let the pace of your electronics set the pace for your life.

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MCLEOD: Four things to make travel less awful

If you can't afford upgrades, create them. Bring a cashmere blanket, stock your bag with good snacks, create small pleasures; they have a ripple effect on your mood and performance.

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MCLEOD: Why most bosses are self-absorbed

It's funny what happens when executives rise about selfish instincts. Acting like the boss you wish you had brings out the best in everyone.

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MCLEOD: 3 mistakes that will mess up your life

You don't have to make the mistakes to learn the lessons. Wisdom doesn't have to be hard won, but you do have to look for it.

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MCLEOD: Why we're weird about salespeople

At the most basic level a salesperson is someone who is so passionate about their offering that they do everything they can to skillfully share the good news. And there's nothing weird about that.

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MCLEOD: Why servant leadership is slightly off

Open door leadership takes work. It requires mastering the duality of power and service, being both confident and humble at the same time. It also means helping your people become more confident and pulling through opportunity rather than pushing through fear.

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MCLEOD: Learn which feedback to listen to and which to ignore

Are you listening to the wrong feedback?. All feedback is not valid. A big problem with feedback is that we often listen to the wrong sources.. For example, my friend Julie felt called to make handmade cards.. From an early age she crafted masterpieces. She spent hours on each card

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MCLEOD: How the nobility of sales is eroded

Sales is a noble profession; we shouldn't let it be sullied by the people who do it badly.

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MCLEOD: Why understanding the back story helps

Twenty-something years ago several babies were born. Some of them wound up creating violence; others tried to save people from it. I want to know why.

MCLEOD: Are you trying to make the wrong decisions?

Trying to decide too early doesn't propel you forward, it holds you back. Next time you're facing an uncertain situation, instead of flashing forward two steps, stay in the present. That's where the best decisions are always made.

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MCLEOD: Protecting yourself from being hit in the gut by the two-by-four called love

So that's what we're left with, the risk of love. It's sad, it's ugly, and it's worth it.

MCLEOD: Why you shouldn't tell your boss everything

The boss wants what we all want: support, respect and someone to say, "I've got your back buddy."

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MCLEOD: Why hating rich people is making you broke

Author Randy Gage says there's no reason to dislike people because they have money.

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MCLEOD: How 2 minutes of power posing can make you more confident

What goes through your mind before you walk into an important meeting?

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MCLEOD: Why looks matter more than you think

Humans are visual; we can ignore it, or adjust accordingly.

MCLEOD: The time-saving rule that most people think is stupid

You know the people who are always worrying about whether or not someone is trying to take advantage of them?. Maybe you know someone like this. They question the motives, quality and price of everything. When they need to buy something, they spend hours trying to figure out the exact

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MCLEOD: How to avoid the fatal money mistake

It's ironic, but the business research shows that when you overemphasize money, you make less of it. But when your noble purpose is to help customers, you drive more revenue.