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MCLEOD: Why mentoring relationships matter

It may seem like you don't have time for developing relationships and mentoring. But what's the long-term cost of not doing it?

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MCLEOD: Why the 'cheap' airline is beating the big boys

When was the last time you got enthusiastic service from an airline employee?. Compare and contrast these two stories to see how senior leadership affects employee commitment:. Last year, I lost my wallet on a late night Delta airlines flight. I stumbled off the plane in a bleary-eyed stupor

MCLEOD: 3 things successful happy people do differently

There are distinct differences between the way successful happy people approach life versus those who continually struggle.

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MCLEOD: Are your metaphors ruining your relationships?

Your metaphors create the narrative of your life. Choose imagery that will help you show up with passion for the people who matter to you.

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MCLEOD: How to become the most persuasive person in the room

Acknowledging and appreciating uncertainty doesn't make you less powerful. It makes you more powerful.

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MCLEOD: Who are you letting into your head?

Your mood, productivity, opinions and ambition are affected by the people you let into your life, and your head.

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MCLEOD: Why working at home isn't the problem (or the solution)

I've both loved and loathed working from home. Working from home is neither the problem, nor the solution. Creating great work and creating a great family require the same things: time, space and working together.

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MCLEOD: What is the poison person costing you?

If you're a boss, don't underestimate how much one person's negativity can affect your entire team. No one is skilled enough to merit ruining the morale of a whole group.

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MCLEOD: 7 books that changed my life

It wasn't until my early 20s that I turned to reading as a form of personal development. Prior to that, non-fiction was something that teachers assigned, grindingly boring tomes that you read only because you had to, and you forgot right after the test. Then I read "The Road Less Traveled" and everything changed. For the first time I realized that books aren't always about other people, sometimes they're about me.

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MCLEOD: Why we lose sight of our purpose

Your life has a purpose, and it's bigger than just your tasks. It's about the love, joy and success you bring to others. Remind yourself of that the next time you're having a hard day.

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