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ART BEAT: ArtFest Gwinnett premieres as a celebration of the arts

The arts in Gwinnett have flourished over the past few decades: the county is home to three major arts organizations, 25 fledgling organizations and many independent artists.

ART BEAT: ArtWorks! Gwinnett seeks community support for challenge grant

The arts in Gwinnett have flourished over the past few decades: the county is home to three major arts organizations, 25 fledgling organizations and many independent artists.

ART BEAT: Neil Simon's ‘Plaza Suite’ comes to New London Theatre

Neil Simon’s “Plaza Suite” has kept audiences laughing since 1968, receiving numerous Tony Award nominations. Snellville’s New London Theatre will bring the production to local audiences June 12-28.

ART BEAT: Luck or divine providence: Kathy Fincher’s ‘Dream Keepers’ public art installation in Duluth is meant to be

If Duluth artist Kathy Fincher hadn’t heard the “voice in her head” that told her to drop and perform 20 push-ups in her doctor’s office, Duluth’s “Dream Keepers” sculpture might not have been propelled forward towards completion.

ART BEAT: Tarabiya Music and Dance combines the expressive riches of world cultures

Jaki Hawthorne’s career proves that dance is for life. Beginning with traditionally Western-oriented training in ballet and modern curriculums, she is now the artistic director of Tarabiya Music and Dance, presenting cultural expressions from around the globe.

ART BEAT: Onion Man Productions presents its annual Summer Harvest

Onion Man Productions will offer audiences a collection of 10-minute plays by local playwrights during “Summer Harvest 2015, Inside Out” at Lionheart Theatre in Norcross.

ART BEAT: Gwinnett Ballet Theatre plans a lively summer and beautiful 2015-16 season

As the school year comes to a close, Gwinnett Ballet Theatre teachers and staff are not planning vacations but getting ready for the many summer programs available to young dancers.

ART BEAT: Barefoot in the Park Fine Arts Festival's live performances will travel the world

The 11th annual Barefoot in the Park Fine Arts Festival will return to Duluth’s Town Green Park this weekend, bringing continuous live performances on two stages.

ART BEAT: Lionheart Theatre offers a play full of 'obsessions, confessions and surprises'

The nostalgic drama “Come Back to the Five and Dime, Jimmy Dean, Jimmy Dean” will be performed in all of its 1950’s glory at the Lionheart Theatre on weekends beginning May 1 and running through May 17.

ART BEAT: Stone Mountain Chorus ‘Sings Their Love’ as Tannery Row artists prepare for ‘Lines’

On May 2, the Stone Mountain Barbershop Chorus will present its spring concert and Tannery Row Artist Colony will host an opening reception for the new exhibition “Lines.”

ART BEAT: Kudzu is blooming with classes in Norcross as young thespians audition in Duluth

Spring is bringing out the talents of Gwinnett’s many artists, from youthful actors to artists capturing two- and three-dimensional artwork.

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ART BEAT: 'Sketchers' capture Duluth one sketch at a time

Local artists in Duluth form a grassroots group, Duluth Sketchers, with a mission to capture what’s unique and beautiful about their burg.

ART BEAT: ‘Ren and Shen: Chinese Humans and Superhumans’ perform in Duluth

The Atlanta Chinese Dance Company will present the show featuring an international cast of 99 dancers on Saturday, April 4, at the Gwinnett Performing Arts Center.

ART BEAT: Lilburn Arts Alliance to present Spring Art Exhibit

The Lilburn Arts Alliance stays busy bringing arts to the community, including hosting the Spring Art Exhibit at Lilburn City Hall on Saturday, March 28.

ART BEAT: Atlanta Harmony Celebration! ‘Sisters of Song’ perform for the love of making music

“Atlanta Harmony Celebration!” is an award-winning chapter of Harmony Inc., an international organization of female a cappella singers specializing in the barbershop harmony style.

ART BEAT: Norwood defies gravity at the Red Clay Music Foundry on March 15

Norwood, a popular singer and performer in the Atlanta area, will present the “Gravity Video Launch Party” at Red Clay Music Foundry — what the “Gravity Video” actually consists of is the burning question for audiences.

ART BEAT: The ‘quest’ for classical music perfection takes an exciting new turn with “Stringquest”

Local music instructor develops “StringQuest,” a complete music curriculum with a “quest” to keep music alive in the schools and beyond.

ART BEAT: Southern Ballet Theatre presents 'Frozen' and a calendar of summer fun

Audiences from Gwinnett and beyond will find Southern Ballet Theatre’s next production somewhat familiar and very appropriate, considering the weather this week.

ART BEAT: Bits and Pieces of future art programs in Gwinnett

Holley Calmes gives a preview of a few Gwinnett art events happening this Spring.

ART BEAT: Duluth Fine Arts League calls for potential scholarship recipients

The Duluth Fine Arts League will help four young artists from the city embark on their careers with some welcomed financial help.

ART BEAT: Kalaivan Dance and Music Academy brings Hindu culture to Gwinnett

Gwinnett’s increasing cultural diversity will be celebrated with an eye-dazzling production titled “Samarpayami” on Feb. 15 at the Gwinnett Performing Arts Center.

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ART BEAT: New London Theatre presents "For Colored Girls Who Have Considered Suicide When the Rainbow is Enuf"

This heralded play by Ntozake Shange, first produced on Broadway in 1976, has continued to capture and share the brutal, tender and dramatic lives of contemporary Black women in our society.

ART BEAT: Lionheart Theatre premieres an original comedy by local playwright Laura King

A comedy about four “mature” women breaking out of the old folks home on July 4th sounds too good to miss. “Independence Day at Happy Meadows” was written by local playwright Laura King.

ART BEAT: City of Duluth is 'Finding its Mojo' using the arts as a catalyst

“Finding your ‘mojo’ means finding the magic in what you do,” Duluth Mayor Nancy Harris said. “You have to dig deeper and find what’s unique, because people are looking for authenticity.”

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ART BEAT: Live Arts Theatre presents a buddy comedy that joins Dorothy of Oz with Alice of Wonderland

Did you know that there is a “nether region” existing between Oz and Wonderland called the “Tulgey Wood?”

ART BEAT: New London’s ‘Broadway Bound’ young artists present ‘Aladdin’

New London Theatre produces wonderful plays performed and directed by adults, but it also offers young thespians theatrical opportunities.

ART BEAT: Gwinnett arts leadership offers wishes and thoughts for 2015

It has been a stellar year for the arts in Gwinnett, but 2014 is history. What do our arts leaders have to say about the upcoming year?

ART BEAT: Nancy’s Candy and Spice can add flavor to your holiday gift giving

A very unique, and very fragrant, store is nestled on the corner of the Lawrenceville Historic Square.

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ART BEAT: Tannery Row celebrates local visual arts talent with the "Winners Circle" awards

Tannery Row Artist Colony will highlight the holiday season with a special exhibition of works by area visual artists. The “Winners Circle” show will give six award winners from the 2014 juried shows an opportunity to shine.

ART BEAT: North Gwinnett Arts Association offers a 'Picture Perfect' exhibit at the Suwanee Library

Beautiful works of visual art created by many of North Georgia’s most talented artists are on display until Feb. 28 in the City of Suwanee.

ART BEAT: Gwinnett Ballet Theatre's 'Nutcracker' presents a sensory friendly show

Gwinnett Ballet Theatre will be celebrating 33 years of producing its well-loved “Nutcracker” beginning Friday, Dec. 5, and continuing for three weekends.

ART BEAT: "A Very Grinchy Christmas" returns and a local chorus wins national recognition

The holidays are filled with performances and events to raise the spirits and celebrate this special time of year. Some of the events are familiar and well loved, such as “The Nutcracker” and “A Christmas Carol.” Yet, there is a bounty of other activities, some which might offer surprises.

ART BEAT: Stone Mountain Chorus Concert November 15 features two unique quartets

An intriguing quartet going by the name of “Lunch Break” will be one of the featured groups highlighting an annual concert by Stone Mountain Chorus.

ART BEAT: Duluth Fine Arts League presents the ‘2014 Artists in the Homes Tour’

Considering how the holiday season fills up the calendar so quickly, art lovers need to commit December 13th to their PDAs immediately.

ART BEAT: Live Arts Theatre and Becca Parker offer a hybrid theatre learning experience

Individuals with a love for theatre and a yen to experience what it takes to put on a show have an opportunity at Live Arts Theatre in Buford.

ART BEAT: Gwinnett Ballet Theatre's Youth Performance Division presents "Dreams" at the GBT studios Oct. 26

Young dancers follow their dreams. It is the motivation behind all of the hard work, time, tears and joy that go into the serious pursuit of a professional career, or the “dream” of one.

ART BEAT: OTC Comedy Troupe Presents an inter-Atlanta triad of comedy on October 17

Consider kicking off the spooky season with comedy instead of candy! Gwinnett’s OTC Comedy Troupe has invited fellow comedians from Dad’s Garage and Laughing Matters in Atlanta for an evening of chuckles on Friday, October 17 at Lionheart Theatre.

ART BEAT: Lionheart Theatre brings 'The Perfect Halloween Show' to their stage

Two young producers are bringing something spooky to the Lionheart Theatre stage on October 9th through the 12th.

ART BEAT: North Gwinnett Arts Association and The City of Suwanee Offer 'Plein Air,' Classic Car Show

The City of Suwanee is always bustling with arts events, and this fall the burg has two special offerings for artists and those who appreciate beauty.

ART BEAT: Floral artists create and teach through the language of flowers

Catherine Vecchio and fellow designer Linda Whitten make the world a more beautiful place and reach out to others at the same time. The two floral artistsare using their talents to give back to the community in unique and beautiful ways.

ART BEAT: 'Around the World Visits Snellville' brings international cultures to Gwinnett

A few years ago, as Gwinnett’s population grew increasingly diverse, the city of Snellville felt that it was time to celebrate all of the wonderful arts, crafts, food and friendliness of these cultures.

ART BEAT: Artworks Gwinnett director has skills on stage as well as boardroom

Artworks Gwinnett Executive Director Raye Varney has fond memories of growing up participating in community theatre with her sister and her father. It is no wonder that she wanted to pass along the experience to her daughters by finding a theatrical experience they could share.

ART BEAT: Lionheart’s “Moon Over Buffalo” Offers Laughs and Dessert Beginning Sept. 12

Lionheart Theatre’s upcoming play “Moon Over Buffalo” serves up situation comedy, shtick, screwball farce, sexual innuendo, mistaken identity, swordplay and slapstick. And if that’s not enough, the admission price includes dessert!

ART BEAT: Hudgens Center’s ‘Illuminated Letters’ puts artistic handwriting in the spotlight

Beautiful handwriting is as much of an art form as it is a means of communication. The Hudgens Center will prove this by featuring calligraphy in an event on Thursday, September 11th from 4:00 to 8:00 pm at the Museum.

ART BEAT: New London Theatre announces 2014-2015 season with nine productions

New London Theatre in Snellville has chosen 9 very special plays to make up their 2014-2015 season.

ART BEAT: Gwinnett Choral Guild invites singers ages 16 and up to take part in new season

The Gwinnett Choral Guild has been active in Gwinnett since 1983, making it one of the oldest non-profit arts groups in the community. Now led by Artistic Director Renee Wilson-Wicker, the organization is looking to expand as it prepares for an exciting season.

ART BEAT: Eddie Owen to work with Gwinnett School of Music

Owen and Gwinnett School of Music’s Kelly Bowlin will officially open the doors of an expanded music education facility at Red Clay Theatre as soon as Aug. 1.

Musical artist Norwood wins Atlanta’s Next Legend competition

Norwood wins Atlanta’s Next Legend competition

Columnist Holley Calmes follows up on the career of Lawrenceville native and musical artist Norwood.

ART BEAT: New London Theater's production of 'Grease' fills month of July with 1950s vibe

“Grease” is the final show for New London Theatre’s 2013-14 season.

ART BEAT: Snellville Arts Commission gathering momentum with calendar of intriguing activities

The Snellville Arts Commission came into being in 2012 with the first meeting in August of that year and is continuing its commitment to foster participation in the arts.