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Esther Cepeda

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CEPEDA: Mystery of the missing

On April 15, Melissa Ann Best went missing — “vanished into thin air,” her husband said.

CEPEDA: First the dream, then gridlock

There is beauty in watching a group come together to realize a dream — even one you don't believe in.

CEPEDA: Celebrate this nip and tuck

The May issue of Harper's Bazaar treats readers to never-before-seen pictures of outrageous pop singer Lady Gaga's new cone-shaped protrusions. They're now jutting out of her forehead, shoulders and cheek bones, but she swears her new look isn't the result of plastic surgery.

CEPEDA: The parental factor

The student arrived late to the honor roll ceremony at my son's middle school last week. Even though it was almost over, the teaching staff graciously presented him with his certificate for high honors. The tall, shy African-American walked across the gym floor to polite applause and a visible lack of camera flash. No parent was there to congratulate him.

CEPEDA: No call to action

After a three-judge panel of the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals sided with the Justice Department in keeping parts of Arizona’s controversial immigration law from going into effect, some interpreted the ruling as a victory against states that would create what one advocacy group called a “racial reign of terror in which police racial profiling is mandated.” Others simply dismissed the decision as typical of a liberal court.

CEPEDA: FDA's calorie-count rule a good start

In proposing new rules to better inform consumers of how many calories they eat, the Food and Drug Administration got it partly right.

CEPEDA: Dark skin won't protect you from sun's deadly rays

Did you know that Latinos, blacks and other dark-skinned people are as susceptible to skin cancer as those who are light-skinned — and even likelier to die from it? If you did, then you’re smarter than I am, because I learned the hard way.

CEPEDA: Latinos have challenge to take up bigger roles in US

When the U.S. Census Bureau released its population estimates from the nation's 2010 headcount, Hispanics across the country rejoiced in the power of their numbers.

CEPEDA: Jumping to conclusions

On March 11, Emily Ruiz, a U.S. citizen, was traveling back to New York from Guatemala with her grandfather when U.S. Customs and Border Patrol agents detained them because of a two-decade-old infraction on the grandfather's temporary work visa. They told him he would be deported.

CEPEDA: Educated, but for what?

Vice President Joe Biden asked America's governors last week to increase the number of college graduates in their states by 50 percent in order to create at least 8 million additional graduates by the end of the decade.

CEPEDA: Nothing stirs melting pot like 'English only'

Today’s quintessential American melting-pot story comes to you courtesy of Greg Simons, the proprietor of the Reedy Creek Family Diner in Lexington, N.C., who put a sign on the front door that read “No Speak English. No Service” along with translations in French, Gaelic, Russian, German and Spanish.

CEPEDA: America's racial wounds

One thing I've learned about the catastrophe in Japan is that not only are the Japanese in for a long period of economic and emotional recovery, but some emotional healing needs to occur in the U.S. as well.

CEPEDA: In teaching, why not be the best?

Let’s imagine this country really believed that to thrive in the 21st century, we have to be able to compete in a global economy. And to do so, we need creative, well-educated workers who, presumably, got into the best colleges and then vied for the best jobs in organizations that closely measure outcomes or profits.

CEPEDA: State measures aren't the solution for immigration

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