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MORSBERGER: Community improvement, ever more

In the midst of public debate, it’s easy to lose focus on the core values that make a positive difference in the lives of people. Community Improvement Districts were created to empower commercial property owners to plan and pay for immediate improvements like traffic safety, landscaping, security, and the removal of graffiti and litter. They seek to nurture long-term strategic initiatives for transportation, economic development and revitalization. As the Daily Post recently opined, CIDs should improve their communities.

Letters: County showed great skill in flood response

Gwinnett County recently experienced flooding and water damage unlike anything seen in several generations. My trip to work from Lilburn to Lawrenceville on Monday, Sept. 21, was blocked by rising water and closed roads in nearly every direction. Though the conditions were tough for all of us, I saw Gwinnett's transportation, police and emergency rescue folks out in force and doing an incredible job.

I'll miss 'my Georgia father'

Wayne Shackelford left this world on Tuesday but lives on in the hearts of countless leaders who benefited from his incredible mentorship - a group I am proud to count myself among. Wayne and I were so close, I called him "my Georgia father."

Facts paint rosy picture for local commuter rail

It is an unfortunate truism that it is easier to criticize than to effect positive change. Even more unfortunate and disruptive to progress is to criticize using assertions of fact that are unfounded and completely erroneous.

The mistake would be not acting on rail

In response to Ken Young's letter from April 15, "Think twice before voting yes to an under-financed rail line," I would like to respectfully disagree with several of his statements. Young stated that riders of commuter rail trains would pay 35 percent of the cost for operation, and tax payers would pay the other 65 percent "forever."

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