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Balfour: Support vets, their families

As we celebrate our military this Veterans Day, I am reminded that it hasn’t even been a year yet since my son returned from his tour of duty in Afghanistan. Like many soldiers who have returned home, Trey is even more eager to serve his country. I am humbled to hear him speak of his service to our state and to our country, and I’m filled with pride when our talks of the future always seem to include his continued commitment to his country and the military.

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BALFOUR: Amendment 4 will help save energy, money

To keep the bills down, my family and I make small efforts around our home to save energy. If a faucet begins to leak, we fix it. When it's time to purchase new appliances, we look for energy-efficient models designed to lower our electric bills. If we have the heat or air conditioning on, we shut the windows.

BALFOUR: Remember the men and women who died for us

The day my son Trey returned from Afghanistan was one of the happiest days of my life; another was the day Trey decided to serve his country. Throughout our country's great history, countless men and women, just like my son, have made sacrifices far beyond those that we can imagine in order to serve our nation.

BALFOUR: Budget, jobs will be focus of legislature

Legislators are taking their first look at the governor's budget proposals and the difficult choices ahead. Make no mistake; the budget is the paramount challenge for us this session. But we are ready to make the tough choices that will lead to Georgia's economic recovery.

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BALFOUR: A reminder of what we are sacrificing

Today, we celebrate Veterans Day. I have a deep admiration for our military. I always have. Until recently, I had no idea that the price for our freedom was not just paid by our troops. It is also paid by their families.

Cut spending to help taxpayers

Every government is seeing sharp declines in revenues. Just like American families sitting around their kitchen tables trying to cut back their budgets, government must also control spending by becoming more efficient.

Help fix Snellville's gridlock

In recent weeks, I have received numerous e-mails and phone calls about a situation best described as "city council gridlock" in Snellville. Many residents and voters living in one of Gwinnett's largest cities tell me they are dissatisfied with the institutional gridlock in Snellville and how the community's needs are being addressed.