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YARBROUGH: Lot on the line as student-athletes at Tech and UGA face off today

Lot on the line as Tech and UGA football face off today. I wanted you to know that I may be hard to reach for the next few weeks or months or maybe even years. I can't be specific with the details at the moment, but by 5 p.m. today

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YARBROUGH: House Speaker Ralston may spend this Thanksgiving closer to home

House Speaker Ralston may spend this Thanksgiving closer to home. "Come in. Well, if it isn't Spiro Amburn, my favorite chief of staff. How are you, Spiro?". "I'm fine, Mr. Speaker. You sent for me?". "Yes, I did. We are getting pretty close to Thanksgiving and I wondered

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YARBROUGH: Shout-outs to Bryant, Charlie and Valerie ... and a goodbye to Sheila

Shout-outs -- and a goodbye to Sheila. I was just so excited to learn that whatever the organization's future nomenclature, Rev. Albert Mohler, president of the Southern (sic) Theological Seminary in Louisville, Ky., will continue to favor us with his observations on such critical theological issues as yoga and

YARBROUGH: Baptists have bigger problem than being associated with the South

The Rev. Bryan Wright, president of the Southern Baptist Convention, announced recently that he has appointed a task force to explore the possibility of changing the name of the organization. It seems that the name “Southern” may soon be gone with the wind. That doesn’t sit well with a number of my Baptist friends, who think this is nothing more than political correctness and a denigration of our beloved South.

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YARBROUGH: Baptists have bigger problem than being associated with the South

Name shouldn't be such a concern for Baptist group.

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YARBROUGH: What if bears attacked "Occupy Atlanta?"

News bulletin: The state Department of Natural Resources is reporting that black bears in North Georgia seem to be migrating toward the Atlanta area.

YARBROUGH: What if bears attacked "Occupy Atlanta?"

RING! RING!. "Hello. This is the Georgia chapter of Bears 'R' Us. President Theodore speaking.". "Teddy Bear, it's me. Ed Ursine, with the NBA, the National Bear Association up in Orono, Maine.". "Ed, good to hear from you, but please don't call me Teddy Bear. It's Theodore. Bears

YARBROUGH: It's not the government schools, stupid; It's the stupid government

To quote the Church Lady on Saturday Night Live, “Well, isn’t that special?” State School Superintendent John Barge and Sen. Johnny Isakson (R-Ga.), have asked U.S. Education Secretary Arne Duncan for a waiver of the controversial No Child Left Behind law and, instead, to measure school performance on a broader basis, consisting of scores on a Criterion-Referenced Competency Test along with other factors in a “performance index.”

YARBROUGH: It's not the government schools, stupid; It's the stupid government

We are swapping one set of unrealistic expectations of teachers for another.

YARBROUGH: Native American inventor proud of past, focused on future

David Petite has a very simple view on the immigration issue raging in the United States.

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YARBROUGH: Native American inventor proud of past, focused on future

David Petite an innovator and one of my favorite interview subjects.

YARBROUGH: Skeeter doesn't care for due process for terrorists

Everybody needs a guru. Someone you can go to whenever you find yourself stuck on the horns of a moral dilemma. Some climb the mountaintops of Nepal to sit before an old guy wrapped in a bedsheet and listen to him prattle about inner beauty.

YARBROUGH: Skeeter doesn't care for due process for terrorists

Skeeter: No due process for traitorous terrorists. I am very fortunate. My guru doesn't live on a mountain. Skeeter Skates is owner of Skeeter Skates Tree Stump Removal and Plow Repair in Greater Metropolitan Pooler, which, to my knowledge, has no mountains, just a couple of piles of wood shavings

YARBROUGH: Who cares what Michael Moore thinks about Georgia

In case you were rearranging your sock drawer and missed the big announcement, filmmaker Michael Moore, who is about as relevant as a female appendage on a boar hog, is asking "all Americans with a conscience to shun anything and everything to do with the murderous state of Georgia." I can hear the shudders from Aragon to Zebulon.

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YARBROUGH: Who cares what Michael Moore thinks about Georgia

Michael Moore's boycott of Georgia doesn't bother me much.

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YARBROUGH: Becoming a move and shaker is a frustrating endeavor

Becoming a mover and shaker in this state is harder than I thought.

YARBROUGH: Becoming a move and shaker is a frustrating endeavor

When Nathan Deal was elected governor, I made myself a promise that I was going to get along better with him than I did with his predecessor, George E. Perdue. If our new governor wanted to build a few concrete fish ponds, I’d look the other way. If he wanted to dress up like Dr. Seuss’ “Cat in the Hat” and talk to school kids while shafting their teachers, I would just shake my head in bemusement.

Yarbrough: Parting Thoughts On The 10th Anniversary Of 9/11

Before we leave the 10th anniversary of the terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center Towers, the Pentagon and Flight 93 over Shanksville, Pa., allow me a couple of parting thoughts.

YARBROUGH: Parting thoughts on the 10th anniversary of 9/11

A last look at the 10-year anniversary of 9/11.

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YARBROUGH: If you are feeling helpless, then re-elect nobody

The bumper sticker has it right -- elect no one.

YARBROUGH: An open letter to Georgia's public school teachers

Dear Public School Teachers in Georgia:. Well, here we go again. New school year. New opportunities. New faces. And the same old problems. As the song says, "Sometimes, it feels like you and me against the world.". I have added two new teachers to the family this year. Grandson

YARBROUGH: Time to say goodbye to ugly August

This is to inform you that as of today, I am doing away with the month of August. Totally. All 31 days. Adios August. Good bye and good riddance. Don't let the calendar hit you on the way out of our lives.

YARBROUGH: Being PC is much harder than it looks

There is a fallacious, salacious and slightly audacious rumor afloat that I can be a tad politically incorrect at times. Moi? Knock me over with an (organically grown) goose feather. I'll have you know that some of my best friends are (fill in the blank) and (fill in the blank), not to mention (fill in the blank.) On rare occasions, I have even been seen in public with (fill in the blank.)

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YARBROUGH: Calif. law not likely to pass in Ga.

The phone rang the other day and an the other end of the line was Gay Blade, the world's flaming liberal. Gay spends a lot of time trying to raise my sensitivity toward liberal issues. So far, Gay has not had a lot of luck.

YARBROUGH: If we can pay taxes on time, so can Ralston

I own a vacation home in Dawson County -- Big Canoe to be exact. Every year, we get a bill for property taxes and it is paid promptly. If it wasn't, I am afraid someone in the tax office would post my name on the courthouse door and that my neighbors in Big Canoe would be so horrified they wouldn't make eye contact when I waved at them.

YARBROUGH: The trouble with predicting an apocalypse

Rats. I thought I could get out of writing a column this week.

YARBROUGH: A life well-lived shows us what really matters

I got a good lesson in wealth management this week. Not from a high-powered financial advisor, but from the retrospective of a 103-year-old life lived well.

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YARBROUGH: Best friend of the Navy Seals

Sheila the Family Wonderdog is one proud pooch today.

YARBROUGH: Why are we so unhappy in Georgia?

I feel like a failure. For years, I have told you what a privilege it is to live in the great state of Georgia. We have beautiful mountains, pristine beaches, the oldest state-chartered university in the nation, located in Athens, the Classic City of the South as well as Vidalia onions and more concrete fishponds than you can count. And we are unhappy. Where have I gone wrong?

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Recognizing our intrepid public servants

Ladies and Gentlemen, the Yarbrough Worldwide Media and Pest Control Company located in Greater Garfield, is pleased to recognize members of the 2011 General Assembly who gave so much so that we could get so little. Please hold your applause until all our honorees have been recognized. Otherwise, we could be here until the Legislature returns in August. Nobody wants that.

YARBROUGH: A look at some current events with Skeeter

It has been more than a year since I have talked to Skeeter Skates, owner of Skeeter’s Tree Stump Removal and Plow Repair in Greater Metropolitan Pooler.

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YARBROUGH: Digging into the mail bag

Let’s dip into the mailbag today, boys and girls, and see what is on the minds of discerning readers.

YARBROUGH: Too many cooks in the legislative school kitchen

It is not a beautiful day in Mr. Rogers’ neighborhood.

YARBROUGH: Junior gives his take on '12 campaign

I called Junior E. Lee, vice president and general manager of Round or Square Polls Inc., a subsidiary of The Yarbrough Multinational Media and Pest Control Company, located over a pool hall in greater Garfield, Ga., to see who he thinks might be running for president in 2012.

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YARBROUGH: Tax reform gets raw deal

A.D. Frazier is not a happy camper. My friend and former Atlanta Olympic colleague spent last summer chairing the Special Council on Tax Reform and Fairness for Georgians, a 10-member council appointed by Gov. Sonny Perdue, Lt. Gov. Casey Cagle and House Speaker David Ralston.

YARBROUGH: Good news as required by my wife

It is not easy being a house husband cum columnist. Trying to figure out where the paper towels are located at the same time I am trying to figure out where the commas go makes my brain hurt.

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YARBROUGH: Mark Richt a class act

Over my long life, I have come to realize that college football is not life-or-death. Life and death are life and death. Football is a game. Only a game. Yet, there are those rare times when the sport can tell us a lot about life — and death — and remind us that there is more to winning than the final score.

YARBROUGH: Powder Springs would've enjoyed visit from Ralston

Things are in a mess under the Gold Dome and I may be responsible.

YARBROUGH: A cease-fire to get somewhere on education

Georgia House Majority Whip Ed Lindsey, R-Atlanta, and I decided to quit lobbing mortars at each other and do what we should have done earlier — talk about his proposed legislation to evaluate teachers.

YARBROUGH: Thanksgiving trip to Europe was a turkey

I wonder if our intrepid public servants at the Gold Dome understand how arrogant and out-of-touch they look to We the Unwashed — or if they even care.

YARBROUGH: Bad weather doesn't alter state's politics

The past week you would have thought we were living in two different states. North of the Gnat Line, it seemed like Siberia. Even possums and yard dogs were hugging each other trying to stay warm. South of the line, folks assumed that God was punishing North Georgia for having taken most of the political power in the last election.

YARBROUGH: Grandsons, faster is not always better

To Nicholas Wansley and Brian and Thomas Yarbrough:

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YARBROUGH: Obama, leave Ga. public education alone

Oh great. Now, the Obama administration is getting involved in public education in Georgia. That’s all we need. The deft touch of an inept federal government.

YARBROUGH: Say goodbye to 2010 and hello to good friends

Good grief! I haven’t gotten used to writing 2010 yet and 2011 is here.

YARBROUGH: Mr. Thingamabob is hampering my political career

For weeks, I awaited a call from Gov.-elect Nathan Deal informing me that I would be a member of his transition team. The call never came.

YARBROUGH: There's much to believe in at Christmas

I believe in Christmas.

YARBROUGH: A group of feds working hard to keep us safe

Two things keep me awake at night: The threat of terrorism and wondering what, if anything, our federal government is doing about it.

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YARBROUGH: It's time for positive news

The First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution states clearly that nobody can infringe on my right of free speech: You can get in serious trouble for that.

YARBROUGH: A reminder of what is important

This is an opportune time of year to take stock of our blessings. Actually, every day should be a time of thanksgiving, but it seems we are too busy being too busy to appreciate just how blessed we are.

YARBROUGH: Overlooked again, again

Rats. It looks as though I have not been selected to be a member of Gov.-elect Nathan Deal’s transition team. Frankly, this is getting old. I am told that both Roy Barnes and George E. Perdue didn’t pick me when forming their administrations because they both thought my advice wasn’t worth a jar of warm spit. That may be the only thing the two men ever agreed on.