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MILBANK: Pop goes the Democratic Party

It was another one of those rallies on Capitol Hill where lawmakers line up to take shots at the Obama administration. But this time the lawmakers were all Democrats.

MILBANK: Subpoena happy Darrell Issa

Darrell Issa is about to reach a regrettable milestone. The California Republican is one summons away from issuing his 100th subpoena since becoming chairman of the House Oversight and Government Reform committee in 2011 — all of them without a committee vote and the vast majority without the concurrence of the committee’s ranking Democrat.

MILBANK: Obama’s puny ‘imperial presidency’

On either end of Lafayette Square on Monday, you could observe the receding power of the Obama presidency.

MILBANK: The Supreme Court’s useful fiction

Mitt Romney said it, and on Monday the Supreme Court upheld it: Corporations are people, my friend.

MILBANK: Obama’s political bogey

Yes, a president needs down time. And, yes, he can run the country whether he’s in a sand trap or the Situation Room. But Obama’s golf habit needlessly hands his critics a gimme.

MILBANK: Republicans kiss votes from women goodbye

This was not the way Republican leaders had planned to observe Equal Pay Day.

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MILBANK: GOP overplays its hand

WASHINGTON -- At the end of a truly dismal week in his presidency, President Obama remains lucky in one crucial category: his opposition.. It has been only a matter of days since two scandals -- the IRS harassment of conservative groups and the administration's seizing of AP reporters' phone records

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MILBANK: Eric Holder's abdication

WASHINGTON -- As the nation's top law enforcement official, Eric Holder is privy to all kinds of sensitive information. But he seems to be proud of how little he knows.

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MILBANK: Courage in short supply

WASHINGTON -- The gun bill was going down, but Sen. Joe Manchin, the West Virginia Democrat who reached a compromise to try to save it, went to the Senate floor Wednesday morning to give it one more try.. In an unorthodox tactic, he appealed directly to the woman taking her

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MILBANK: Republicans' security lapse

WASHINGTON -- When House Republicans called a hearing in the middle of their long recess, you knew it would be something big, and indeed it was: They accidentally blew the CIA's cover.

MILBANK: No, it's not a budget

EDITOR’S NOTE: Eugene Robinson is on vacation this week.

MILBANK: Former White House workers not waiting long to cash in

Robert Gibbs’ relationship status with Facebook: It’s complicated.

MILBANK: Senate needs a little less talk, a lot more action

In the United States Senate, failure is not an option. It is a requirement.

MILBANK: I'm no match for a bumbling bank

The problem in the nation’s housing market now isn’t subprime lending. It’s subpar lenders.

MILBANK: Limbaugh's beef with Michelle not good for his figure

Editor’s note: Dana Milbank will be replacing David Broder while he recovers from an illness.

MILBANK: Budget hawk Boehner shifts from his course

Editor’s note: Dana Milbank will be replacing David Broder while he recovers from an illness.

MILBANK: GOP leaders acting a lot like Dems

For incoming Majority Leader Eric Cantor and his House Republicans, something strange happened on the way to Wednesday’s “Opening Day” of the new Congress.