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KING: Georgia should end practice of 'sanctuary' counties

Sanctuary cities (and counties) are already “illegal” under federal law and have been since 1996.

KING: Today’s GOP Congress: donor class vs. middle class Americans

My own conclusion is that on most issues, especially immigration and wages, everyday Americans would be much better served if they simply recognize that the fight isn’t so much between Republicans and Democrats but is actually the ruling, donor class vs. the American middle class.

KING: Note to Republicans on Obama amnesty decree: 'Not one more'

Despite the attempt from the media and Obama himself to spin it otherwise, Americans did not elect a Republican majority with the hope they would compromise — on anything — with the man who now occupies the White House.

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KING: On immigration, welcome to Republican-ruled Georgiafornia

In early January the sad prediction from this long-time denizen of the Gold Dome was that it would be after the November mid-term elections before pro-enforcement immigration conservatives would be put on the full-time defense in Republican/Chamber of Commerce-ruled Georgia.

KING: Immigration issues must be discussed at future GOP debates

If future moderators are not going to broach the immigration issue during GOP debates, allow someone from the audience to do so.

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KING: Two conservative issues for the Republican-controlled Gold Dome in 2014

While Georgians wonder why this hasn’t already been done here, among the other states that have allowed a (successful) public vote on official English in their constitution is … California.

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KING: Schumer-Rubio amnesty bill like 'a mackerel in the sunshine'

Another amnesty scam disguised as reform. "It's going to be like that mackerel in the sunshine -- the longer it's out there the worse it smells," Alabama Republican Sen. Jeff Sessions, on the senate's Schumer-Rubio amnesty legislation.

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KING: Will Georgia's U.S. Senators vote 'YES' on amnesty again?

Georgians who care about the American worker, and value any pretext of ever seeing real border security and immigration enforcement should contact both Georgia's Senators to ask about today's position on Schumer's amnesty legislation. And, they should remember the broken promises of the 1986 amnesty.

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KING: Rubio's poll numbers mean amnesty could be held off this year

Despite Rubio's ridiculous radio and TV ad campaign, a Rasmussen poll last week shows only 30 percent think the government is likely to actually secure the border if the Gang of Eight legalization scam passes. Apparently, the other 70 percent remember 1986. Here's hoping we remember the many faces of Marco Rubio as long.

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KING: On immigration and promises from the Gang of Eight: Remember 1986

The American people put down an amnesty attempt last in 2007. Ask yourself: If they were at all sincere, why didn't the same people who were selling legalization then dedicate themselves to making the promises become reality before the 2013 legalization promise campaign?

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KING: GOP wasting its time with outreach to Hispanic voters

Documenting millions of undocumented Democrats is a ridiculous approach to electing a conservative president or saving the remnants of the Republican Party.

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KING: Georgia's GOP primary voters should make their voices heard on illegal immigration

If you don't hear about what your candidates will do to deter illegal immigration in Georgia before the primary, you likely won't see them do anything when the pressure comes from the well-funded anti-enforcement coalition lobbyists after the election.

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KING: GOP vs illegal alien lobby in Gold Dome battle on public college education for illegals

In my opinion, Georgia taxpayers should not be forced to fund public classroom college seats for people in this country illegally.

KING: Predictions on illegal immigration for 2012

Pollsters will continue to sway public opinion.

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KING: Georgia Republican delegation in Washington silent on Obama anti-enforcement immigration decree

Currently, there are a reported 300,000 illegals in the deportation pipeline.. The new decree was announced without fanfare on the White House website in a blog posted by Cecilia Munoz, late of the National Council of La Raza ("The Race" in English) and currently serving the Obama regime as White

KING: Even Obama knows E-Verify is a winner

House Bill 87, the most potentially effective and well-written state illegal immigration and employment enforcement bill in the nation, passed the Georgia House 113-56 last week.

KING: We await the governor living up to his promise

Georgians may be interested to see the latest United States Border Patrol apprehension figures.

KING: E-Verify not a risk to our agriculture

There is currently much consternation and hand wringing over the fact that the Georgia legislature may actually move to protect jobs by clamping down on illegal hiring with the no-cost federal E-Verify system. But a key component of the story is not widely known.

KING: Enforce, verify our immigration laws

The Georgia legislature is conducting joint committee hearings on legislative solutions to illegal immigration in Georgia. And is being constantly reminded of the fact that we are cursed with more illegal aliens than Arizona.

KING: DREAM Act another attempt at amnesty

The majority of Americans who breathed an exhausted sigh of relief when the elections were over have a nasty surprise in store. With the help of the liberal, semi-honest national media, the Obama-Reid-Pelosi cabal is planning an after-Thanksgiving amnesty for about 2 million illegal aliens.

KING: Your taxes fund blocks to immigration enforcement

The Association County Commissioners of Georgia and the Georgia Municipal Authority are not exactly well-known names to the average Georgian. They should be.

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KING: Illegal immigration tore the Rosas family apart

The 2010 push for amnesty for about 20 million illegal aliens will soon be in the news. We will hear that it would somehow help the unemployment crisis. While we follow the ridiculous "we need amnesty again" arguments from the illegal immigration industry, we should remember an American hero named Robert Rosas.

Illegals aren't owed coverage by Uncle Sam

In the now-desperate rush by the Obama administration to take over American health care, we should be asking how the millions of illegal aliens in America fit in.

Immigration enforcement a priority for public safety

The importance of the recently approved application for the Gwinnett County Sheriff's Department to help identify and deport illegal aliens captured for additional crimes should not be underestimated - by anyone.

Conway, ICE to be commended for upholding law

The startling result of the combined efforts of Sheriff Conway's office and the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement in the just-ended 26-day enforcement "surge" provides valuable and memorable insight into the crime that is illegal immigration.

Immigration law vs. politics

"One of the penalties for refusing to participate in politics is that you end up being governed by your inferiors." - Plato

Governments fail to follow law, verify their employees

A December 2005 Atlanta Journal-Constitution/Zogby poll showed that about 80 percent of Georgia citizens were fed up with the illegal immigration and illegal employment crisis and wanted the state government to address the issue.

Enforcement works, and people in Mexico know it

Don't look now, but state enforcement aimed at illegal immigration is proving the obvious: enforcement works.

When it comes to immigration laws, enforcement works

"Without this partnership, you don't have any access to immigration fingerprints, and that's what really identifies the status of an illegal alien in your community committing crimes."