What would you like to see developed on the OFS site?

Movie studio 54 votes


College campus 5 votes


Gambling facility 27 votes


Live, work, play 16 votes


Leave it as is, I don't care 3 votes


105 total votes


amylynn729 2 years, 5 months ago

We need another competition pool in the northern part of Gwinnett County! I coach at a year-round swim club whose pool is at full capacity with lessons and team practices from early morning until 9:00p.m. (except for a few hours during the school day). We have waiting lists for most team practice groups and simply cannot accommodate the large number of kids who have fallen in love with the great sport of swimming! In addition, our club does not have a facility in Gwinnett county where we can host our USA Swimming meets. A new pool would serve thousands of residents in Gwinnett County!


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