Who do you think won the second presidential debate?

President Barack Obama 240 votes


Gov. Mitt Romney 246 votes


It was even 22 votes


508 total votes


news2me 1 year, 6 months ago

Interesting turn of events.

I have been watching this "poll" since it came out. Romney was ahead by a large margin, up until last night. Now all of a sudden, the Obama worshippers are trying to alter polling data and are voting multiple times. What a bunch of nutjobs to think THIS matters and that people believe the delusional crap that you post. I bet if the GDP were to dig for IP addresses voting, we wouldn't be shocked at who has nothing better to do with their lives. LMAO!

News Flash: This is NOT where it counts. Good luck to you libs trying to lie and cheat to convince folks that you are winning. Obama's legacy is going down in flames and you contributed to it. Congrats!

Thanks for the cheap laugh at your expense!


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