Do you agree with the National Transportation Board's recommendation to ban the use of cell phones in vehicles?

Yes. A total ban would make the roads much safer 19 votes


Yes, but the ban should not include hands-free devices 34 votes


No. The NTB should not supercede state laws. 43 votes


96 total votes


R 3 years, 7 months ago

Total ban would appear to be too hard to enforce, how would officers know prior to a traffic incident that you are using hands free equipment?

Now I could understand hand-helds being outlawed and drivers should lose their license for 48 to 72 hours if caught when no incident has occurred. Face it mall drivers, you have a MAJOR blind spot to pedestrian traffic with that cell phone against your head - regardless of how well you think you do. PS my pickup may be green, but I promise its not painted in a military "stealth" shade and if you would just look - YOU would see it. To paraphrase Cousin Brucie "Time to turn you bod, just TURN your bod and LOOK."


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