Was the city of Lilburn right in its decision to allow the mosque expansion?

Yes 14 votes


No 36 votes


50 total votes


Ben 3 years, 9 months ago

I can't believe you are asking this question. It says you either are not willing to admit the CITY OF LILBURN HAS NO CHOICE or you think this is not about religious discrimination.

These type of "polls" can be for the purpose of saying "see, lots of people say it was wrong". My suspicions, based on the GDP lack of stating the real reason (the DOJ/Courts are forcing the city) is you choose to coddle the mayor.

You folks know the DOJ & Courts have the City by the neck. The council, mayor, city manager and legal advisers have ALL made such incredibly bad decisions on this issue it has provided the TRUTH. Which is, it's a lot more about religion than zoning! The council, mayor, city manager and legal advisers plus the left over "white-sheeters" have made Lilburn, GA the joke of the 21st century. We "enjoy" being seen as what the South used to be. Plus having to pay thousands and thousands due to really bad leadership!


Shaun 3 years, 8 months ago

"White Sheeters" in Lilburn? Really?!? That's absurd! This is a zoning issue not a religious one. I for one, am sick of huge places of worship in whole, whether it's a mega church or a mega mosque. When your right to religious freedom impedes my right to get around town on a Sunday (or Saturday) because 5,000 people are all leaving the same parking lot at the same time, I have a right to disagree with zoning. If a sports arena was trying to get zoned inside your neighborhood, over crowding and traffic is a acceptable arguement against it, but if it's a place of worship you're prejudice. If your place of worship requires a traffic cop, I don't want your place of worship next to my house-period. The DOJ is way off base in it's assessment of the situation.


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