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JENKINS: All 'income inequality' is not created equal

Among the startling revelations that President Obama shared in last week’s State of the Union address was this gem: Some people make more money than others.

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JENKINS: The party of the rich vs. the party of the even richer

By now it should be ridiculously obvious to anyone who has not been living in a cave, or getting all their news from CSNBC (which is kind of like living in a cave), that neither of the two major political parties in this country represents the interests of middle-class Americans.

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JENKINS: Stupid things I have said, 2013 edition

For the record, this is the 10th installment of “Stupid things,” meaning I’ve been spouting inanities now for more than a decade. Please know, I couldn’t have done it without you. My readers clearly rank among the most idiocy-tolerant people in the world, a distant second to Nancy Pelosi voters.

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JENKINS: Embracing one of life’s happier changes

We are flying out to Boise for the holidays and taking our three sons, which means that for Christmas this year everyone’s getting a plane ticket and a small bag of Delta peanuts. Instead of letting Santa decide who’s been naughty and nice, we’ll have to leave that determination to the TSA.

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JENKINS: The Grinches who are trying to steal football

We all know the nanny-staters, with which this country is rife and who in fact now seem to be running things, have long been opposed to fun.

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JENKINS: Recruiting in high school sports hurts our students

All things being equal, most high schools will have a really tall kid every few years. Most will have the occasional college prospect, maybe two. But what should we make of those programs that feature a steady stream of 6-foot-9 athletes and boast multiple Division I signees every year? What are the odds that would occur randomly?

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JENKINS: How to be a family man: Eating out with small children

I don’t recommend the drive-through, however, for parents with small children. Using it will merely frustrate your real purpose: having half an hour to eat in peace while your kids will disappear inside the playground.

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JENKINS: What are we doing to our high school seniors?

A recent study in the Journal of the American Medical Association found that one in 25 American teenagers attempts suicide and one in eight has thought about it. After recently reading a stack of essays written by high school seniors, I think I might have some ideas why.

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JENKINS: Individualism versus collectivism is at heart of policy debates

Whether political divisions are good or bad, they appear to be inevitable, stemming from the fundamentally different ways in which people see the world.

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JENKINS: Beware of too much 'computer college'

The problem is that online classes usually aren’t easier. Yes, you can “attend” on your own schedule, and you might not even have to leave your room. But online classes, by their very nature, require an unusual degree of self-discipline, not to mention considerable technological know-how. Even more problematic may be the fact that, although many institutions push online classes shamelessly, research shows that employers are considerably less enthusiastic about them.

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JENKINS: Look beyond the hysteria to real root cause of violence

The more adults we have in every community who are willing to stand up and denounce this culture of violence, the sooner the casualty rates will begin to decline.

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JENKINS: The difference between justice and 'social justice'

Far from being insignificant, the distinction between justice and social justice defines today's warring political ideologies. Conservatives believe that the highest form of justice is for each individual to be treated fairly and equally under the law. The left has no problem treating individuals unfairly as long as "historically oppressed" groups get theirs.

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JENKINS: A family man's guide to gift-giving season

Gift-giving time is here again, guys, with Mother's Day right around the corner and, for many of us, anniversaries coming up next month. Fortunately, for those who have no idea what to get their wives -- which is to say, all of you -- I'm here once again with a column full of helpful hints.

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JENKINS: Confessions of a Girl Scout cookie addict

At my house, the day Girl Scout cookies arrive is kind of like a holiday, on par with J.R.R. Tolkien’s birthday and Tax Freedom Day — theoretically, the day we stop working to pay the government, which usually comes in late April but in the near future may be pushed back to early May. Or mid-August. Or Dec. 31.

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JENKINS: Remembering Ernesto McCausland, journalist, filmmaker

Ernesto McCausland, the noted Columbian journalist, first came into my life as an exchange student at Ringgold High School. We became fast friends and I will miss him.

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JENKINS: Olympic Games are sports for non-sports fans

For the true sports fan, the subjective nature of many Olympic sports just doesn't cut it.


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