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Stan Hall: Dangerous intersections of life must be navigated

Recently, while we were driving, we were sitting at a very busy intersection. Cars were zooming by from the left and from the right. To further complicate the matter, this was an intersection that had several lanes flowing in both directions plus a line of cars behind us awaiting their turn to enter what can be challenging even for a seasoned driver. I could see the stress begin to show on her face as she was unsure of what she should do and when she should do it. After a few seconds, I begin to hear the sounds of car horns behind us for her to move on. To ease her anxiety, I carefully and slowly talked her through it making sure that she understood how dangerous it could be, but still letting her know that if she proceeded correctly and safely with her decisions, it was certainly doable. After looking both ways, several times, she made her move and migrated into the traffic frenzy without incident. She looked a little pale. But, then again, I probably did as well.

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Stan Hall: Running the numbers on crime

The FBI released its latest crime statistics last week. Even as someone who daily deals with the cases that these statistics are born from, I was actually surprised at the headlines that the report offered. The report stated that the crime rate in our country, from 2009-2010, had experienced a 6% decline. My first reaction was that I wondered if the same people who had prepared the Atlanta Public Schools testing results had also had a part in the math results of this report. A 6% decline just didn’t seem to feel right with everything that I have seen during the last year or so. I actually thought we would have seen an increase.


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