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House re-elects Boehner speaker

The House and Senate ushered in a new Congress Thursday, re-electing embattled Republican John Boehner speaker and hailing one of its own senators who returned a year after being felled by a stroke.

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2 dead in bus crash into overpass at Miami airport

At Miami International Airport, two large signs warn drivers of large vehicles not to pass beneath the 8-foot-6 inch concrete overpass. Authorities say two passengers are dead and others have been critically injured after a too-tall charter bus smashed into the overpass, crumpling metal.

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GOP in Ga. Senate nominates Shafer as new leader

ATLANTA -- Republicans in the state Senate picked a new leadership team Thursday in a decision that may signal its members are tired of the intraparty strife that has gripped the chamber.

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Balfour's ethics fine too weak, colleague says

A first-term state senator wants stiffer penalties for a veteran colleague who admitted filing erroneous documentation so he could get paid for in-state work on days he was not in Georgia.

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Pros and cons for regional transportation tax

A look at the arguments for and against a proposed regional transportation sales tax, which will be on July 31 ballots.

Coca-Cola halts ties to conservative law drafters

WASHINGTON (AP) — Coca-Cola Co. has terminated its relationship with a conservative group seen by some as an incubator for a string of new state voter ID laws and a marketer of laws like Florida's "Stand Your Ground" self-defense statute.

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Gingrich helped build conservative base

Though Georiga is hardly a given for him, many Republican figures in the state still credit Newt Gingrich with many conservative accomplishments.

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Olens named head of Romney's Georgia steering committee

A spokesman for GOP Presidential contender Mitt Romney says that Georgia Attorney General Sam Olens will lead efforts in Georgia to get Romney solidified as the nominee.

Ga. Democrats regrouping amid dwindling funds

Georgia's Democratic Party Chairman has acknowledged the party was recently down to about a month's worth of operating expenses but has made adjustments that will keep the party in business through the spring.

More than 72,000 vote early in Georgia primary

More than 72,000 people have cast early ballots in Georgia's presidential primary. Secretary of State Brian Kemp's office said Monday that includes nearly 55,000 people who cast an early vote in person and around 17,500 who mailed in an absentee ballot.

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Santorum questions Obama's 'world view,' not faith

Rick Santorum on Sunday condemned what he called President Barack Obama's world view that "elevates the Earth above man," discouraging increased use of natural resources.

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AP: Trump intends to endorse Romney, not Gingrich

In a surprise twist, Donald Trump planned to endorse Mitt Romney — not Newt Gingrich — for the Republican presidential nomination Thursday, three Republican officials told The Associated Press.

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Back to the people's business

ATLANTA -- Georgia lawmakers returned to the state capitol Monday to start a 40-day session expected to focus on closing a potential budget shortfall, overhauling the tax code in an attempt to attract jobs and steering nonviolent offenders away from expensive and overcrowded prisons.. Legislators in the Republican-controlled

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Unterman's heartache gives rise to compassion in role as senator

Sen. Renee Unterman has come through tragedy to triumph.

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Gingrich has new aggressive stance against Romney

Newt Gingrich blamed a poor showing in the Iowa caucuses on his rivals' attack ads and seemed to conclude that turnabout is fair play as he pressed on with a new aggressive stance against front-runner Mitt Romney.

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