Furman Bisher


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BISHER: Busy bowl season is way too much

Getting your fill of postseason college football

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BISHER: Former Gator's success puts faith in forefront

A look at Tim Tebow's amazing winning streak

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BISHER: Tiger's tourney win not meaningful

Tiger Woods won a golf tournament last week, but was it really noteworthy?

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BISHER: Tech's Johnson a special breed of coach

Coach's career goes from small mountain town to the big time

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BISHER: Early bore ends with strong finish in World Series

Cardinals and Rangers putting on a good show

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BISHER: Successful manager's start in baseball

What you may not know about Tony La Russa

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BISHER: Sea Island deserving of attention

Golf tourney on the coast an interesting finish to season

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BISHER: The other side of Al Davis

What you may not know about the NFL football legend

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BISHER: Rangers stock up on Braves' mistake

Revisiting a failure of a trade

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BISHER: Troubling start for Georgia's football teams

Looking back at painful weekend of UGA, Falcons

BISHER: Patience pays off for Braves, Uggla down stretch

For the first two months of the season, the Atlanta Braves were playing with about half a second baseman. Meaning Dan Uggla, the refugee Florida Marlin in whom they had obligated themselves for 62 million bucks. Uggla had delivered some home runs, which is his stock in trade, otherwise his

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BISHER: Surprise winner at the PGA Championship

Columnist Furman Bisher takes a look at the PGA Championship.

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BISHER: Nothing can detract from Woods' return to the Tour

At that very same time Tiger Woods was about to tee off, emerging from his sabbatical, or whatever he chose to call his three months away from the PGA Tour.

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BISHER: Ceremony shows Braves, Glavine make up

There is little that excites me about watching people retire. You know, everybody is full of good cheer -- some with good reason, some applauding inwardly. Sometimes there's a gold watch and all is positive. Nothing more depressing than your own retirement, which in my case was little more than switching gears.

BISHER: Loyal Felton qualified for UGA's AD job

The Bulldog Nation is awash in anger. Red-hot fury. Asking itself, "How could we have misjudged this man so horribly?" This man who sat before them on television the other day, tight-lipped, full of apology, begging at the end, "My desire is to keep this job."