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DALY: Pecans challenging, but rewarding to grow

With some patience and perseverance, you can have a crop of pecans most years.

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DALY: Deterring deer from garden plants

As our county becomes more urbanized, deer and human interest will continue to be in conflict. While nothing will eliminate their presence, several tactics can be used to reduce their detrimental impact on the home landscape

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DALY: Native plants have many advantages in the landscape

The state of Georgia is one of the most botanically diverse states. Close to 3,000 species of plants are native to Georgia, ranging from small wildflowers to large trees. These plants have many advantages over non-native species and tend to be more resistant to environmental extremes and pests.

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DALY: Answering questions about fertilizing lawns, pine beetles and spring flowering bulbs

Bermudagrass is a warm-season grass, as are zoysiagrass, centipedegrass and St. Augustinegrass. They thrive during the growing season but turn brown and go dormant until the next spring.

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DALY: Now is the time to plant onions and garlic

Many vegetables are tolerant of colder temperatures, and the early months of autumn are the best time for planting. Cabbage, collards, radishes and turnips are some of the most popular ones planted. Fall is also a good time to plant onions, garlic and related plants.

DALY: What to do about stinging insects

Many homeowners are being troubled by stinging insects. Frequently, they will come upon their nest unknowingly and are attacked by the insects. Late summer and fall is the time of the year that these insects, which can inflict a painful sting, are most prevalent

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DALY: Mysterious webs in trees the result of the fall webworm

Many residents are observing a web-like material that has appeared in their trees and are concerned as to whether it will harm them. The cause is the fall webworm, a caterpillar that is quite common in the late summer and fall.

DALY: Many lawns troubled by armyworms

Recently, many homeowners have noticed caterpillars feasting on their lawns. These insects are armyworms, and in some cases they can damage lawns rapidly.

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DALY: Take action now to reduce winter weeds in the lawn

While there is no way to prevent every weed from germinating, the application of pre-emergent herbicides combined with the appropriate cultural practices can reduce their infestation during the winter.

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Boy Scout honors grandfather’s memory with garden

Michael Habetler recruited 12 fellow Scouts to help install six new, elevated garden beds at the community garden in Snellville’s Briscoe Park, honoring his grandfather Steve Penzkowski, who died in 2010.

DALY: Many vegetables thrive in cooler weather

Even though the weather will be turning colder in the next few months, several vegetables grow well under such conditions. Consider planting some and reaping the harvest.

DALY: How to keep snails and slugs from feasting on your garden plants

During the growing season, gardeners are often troubled by snails and slugs. These organisms have slimy soft bodies, live on the ground, feast on plants, and can be quite destructive. Although troublesome, they can be controlled and their damaged minimized.

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Lawrenceville man shoots for world record tomato plant

Lawrenceville resident Brad Richner is just four and a half feet away from being in the Guiness Book of World Records.

DALY: Herbs are a flavorful addition to the vegetable garden

One of the most interesting and enjoyable plants are the herbs. They have leaves, stems and sometimes seeds that are used for fragrance, and flavoring foods. They are a good substitute for salt

DALY: Questions about ambrosia beetles, pesticide labels and lawnmowers

Unfortunately, there is nothing you can do to control Asian ambrosia beetles once they are inside of the tree. Since they eat the fungus and not the wood, using a systemic insecticide, such as some of the Bayer Advanced products, will not control them