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DALY: Organic amendments are beneficial to the soil

Organic soil amendments have many positive qualities and should be, in most cases, added to existing soil. It will improve the soil’s ability to produce lush, healthy plants for your garden.

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Lilburn Woman's Club holds inaugural garden tour Saturday | PHOTOS

The tour included eight destinations, seven private gardens and the Lilburn Community Garden.

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Lilburn Woman’s Club to hold inaugural garden tours Saturday

The Lilburn Woman’s Club is hosting garden tours at eight destinations Saturday.

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Chefs Nathalie Dupree and Cynthia Graubart talk biscuits at Gwinnett event

Nathalie Dupree and Cynthia Graubart, authors of “Mastering the Art of Southern Cooking,” made an appearance Wednesday in Gwinnett.

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DALY: Sweet corn is a great addition to vegetable gardens

If you would like to try something different in your vegetables garden, and have the room, plant a few rows of sweet corn. If given proper care, the plants will produce delicious fresh ears of corn the whole family can enjoy.

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DALY: Maple trees enhance the home landscape

Of the many trees available to homeowners, maples are among the best. Their ability to provide shade, fall foliage color and tolerance to difficult growing conditions make maples well suited for the home landscape. If you do not have any in your yard, consider planting some and enjoy their beauty.

DALY: Area lawns have suffered from the unseasonably cold winter

Area lawns have been impacted by the unseasonably cold temperatures of this winter. Proper maintenance of them during the growing season, such as adequate water, fertilizer, correct mowing, and pest control, will keep the turfgrass healthy and it will be more resistant to cold damage.

DALY: Several lesser known vegetables are great additions to gardens

Vegetables, such as tomatoes, squash, peppers and beans, are growing and will soon begin to yield their fruit. However, vegetable plants that are not as well-known can thrive in our climate. Jerusalem artichokes, tomatillos, chayote, and several others are among these uncommonly grown vegetables. Most are easy to grow and are seldom troubled by pests.

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DALY: Irises grace the landscape with their colorful flowers

A large number of irises are available for homeowners, and their beauty is well worth the effort. If they have the proper growing conditions and are given the appropriate care, they will thrive to produce their colorful blossoms every spring.

Local growers tap into virtual farmers markets

Life can be very busy, and sometimes there just isn’t enough time to swing by the community farmers market to purchase fresh, local produce and artisanal products. Thanks to the Internet, people with little time on their hands can still eat nutrient-dense foods while supporting the local economy because farmers markets have gone virtual.

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First indoor farmers market opens

The Gwinnett Community Market is a farmers market, a craft fair and food truck park all rolled into one. It’s also the first indoor weekly farmers market in the area.

DALY: Rotating vegetable plants will help keep them productive

Crop rotation is a good way to improve the soil and reduce the buildup of pest populations. The process is relatively simple and has a multitude of benefits for the garden.

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DALY: Kudzu bugs creating trouble for area homeowners

Kudzu bugs are here to stay, and we will have to learn to live with their bothersome activity. Several simple steps can be taken to minimize their presence in and around your home.

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Sycamore Elementary unveils outdoor classroom

Sycamore Elementary held a ribbon-cutting ceremony on Tuesday for its new outdoor classroom, which was built with several community organizations, boy scouts and cub scouts, and grants from companies like Home Depot.

DALY: What do the numbers on the fertilizer bag mean?

Remember, not all fertilizers are alike. Fertilizer choice is dependent on the type of plant material that you are growing and the type of soil where it will be grown