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DALY: Proper pruning of roses keeps them healthy and attractive

Proper pruning at the appropriate time will improve the overall shape of the rose bushes, and promote new and healthier growth. It will ensure abundant, attractive roses for a long time to come.

DALY: Composting turns trash into treasure

Garden wastes need not end up in landfills or water bodies. They can be recycled and put to good use in your garden.

DALY: February is the time to prune fruit trees

Making the effort to properly prune fruit trees will allow for them to stay healthy and be productive.

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Landmark floral shop blooms a fresh, new look | VIDEO | PHOTOS

Local commuters have been driving past A Daisy A Day for decades. The charming brick and stone cottage situated right off of Scenic Highway has grown into a Snellville landmark over the years.

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North Atlanta Home Show brings experts and deals to Gwinnett Center

The three-day event, held Feb. 6-8, will feature the latest products and services for home remodeling, interior decorating, landscaping and outdoor living.

DALY: Native azaleas color the spring landscape

Consider planting some of these interesting and attractive native plants in your home landscape. They blend well into shadier parts of your landscape and natural areas.

DALY: Keeping troublesome pests out of your home

Reduce the likelihood of insects getting into your home. Seal any cracks or crevices as well as gaps between pipes and wires going into your home

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DALY: If given proper care, apple trees will produce abundantly

Though they can be challenging, apple trees can definitely be grown in the home landscape. If given proper maintenance, they will bear fruit.

DALY: Ferns are attractive plants that thrive in the shade

Although frequently overlooked by homeowners, ferns are a valuable asset. Once established, they require minimal maintenance and add interest to the garden. Consider adding some ferns to your home landscape and enjoy their beauty.

DALY: Propagating plants by cuttings are relatively easy

Propagating plants is an easy way to obtain more plants to use to beautify your home landscape. If you have a plant you desire more of or if someone else has plant material you would like, consider snipping off some cuttings and trying to root them.

DALY: Now is a good time to transplant trees and shrubs

Do you have trees and shrubs in your landscape that you feel would be more attractive in another place? Are you considering moving them? Transplanting established plant material is a low-cost way of changing the appearance of your home landscape.

DALY: Azaleas, grass sod, and poison ivy concerns

Home and Garden columnist Tim Daly answeres questions about various concerns of the season.

DALY: Put the right plant in the right place

By selecting plants that are suited to the site where they will be planted, many troubles can be avoided. The plants will be healthier, more attractive, fit their site better, be easier to maintain, and be less prone to insect and disease problems.

DALY: Avoid transporting firewood long distances to prevent spreading invasive tree insects

Although many homes have gas fireplaces, wood is used in others. When getting wood for it, you should only use local sources.

DALY: What are cranberries and where do they come from?

With the holiday season upon us, many of us are planning our holiday dinners with family and friends. Turkey, dressing, casseroles are among everyone’s favorite. One of the most popular holiday dishes is cranberry sauce with its sweet-sour taste.