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Sycamore Elementary unveils outdoor classroom

Sycamore Elementary held a ribbon-cutting ceremony on Tuesday for its new outdoor classroom, which was built with several community organizations, boy scouts and cub scouts, and grants from companies like Home Depot.

DALY: What do the numbers on the fertilizer bag mean?

Remember, not all fertilizers are alike. Fertilizer choice is dependent on the type of plant material that you are growing and the type of soil where it will be grown

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DALY: Not all lawn grasses are created equal

You can have a lawn that can be the envy of the neighborhood if you are willing to make the investment and provide the appropriate care.

Gwinnett Tech schedules spring plant sale

Gwinnett Tech’s spring plant sale will be April 15-17. Horticulture students will sell house plants, perennials and herbs, among other flowers and shrubs.

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DALY: Georgia Gold Medal Plants are a great addition to the home landscape

Georgia Gold Medal winners are a worthy addition to your home landscape. The plants are attractive, easy to maintain and thrive in our climate.

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Environmental Center hosts 'Grow your own' festival

Several hundred residents learned about organic gardening, food preparation and holistic medicines on Sunday at the third annual Grow Your Own: The Real Local Food Festival at the Gwinnett Environmental and Heritage Center

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DALY: Even with warmer weather, a late season freeze still possible

Resist the temptation to put out plants that are not tolerant to below freezing temperatures now. In a few weeks, the risk of a freeze will be gone, and the planting can begin.

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DALY: Although attractive, cherry trees do not perform well in our climate

Even though flowering cherries are attractive when they bloom in the spring, they are not well adapted to our area. Consider using alternative flowering trees that produce abundant blooms and are better suited to our climate.

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DALY: Japanese maples make great specimen plants

Japanese maples, if given proper care, are definitely an asset to any landscape. Their grace and beauty will be aesthetically pleasing throughout the year. They are worth the investment.

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WIGGINS: Some ideas on how to grow green this year

At Gwinnett Clean & Beautiful, we strive to educate, advocate and inspire our neighbors to pursue green living through a combination of reducing, reusing and recycling; preventing litter and graffiti; beautifying our community; and more. Of course, one of the ultimate methods for supporting sustainability within the Gwinnett County community is to Grow Green. Here are a number of ways that you can begin growing a few shades greener this year:

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DALY: Now is the time to prevent summer weeds in lawns

Throughout the growing season, weeds frequently trouble area lawns. The application of pre-emergent herbicides (weed killers) to prevent weed seeds from emerging is one of the best ways to control weeds in lawns.

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DALY: Proper and timely pruning promotes healthy plant growth

Pruning plays an important role in the development and maintenance of woody plants, and it will keep a plant at a chosen size, shape, and density. Having a basic understanding of pruning and the response of plants to it, you can achieve the results you desire.

UPCCA to host gardening event

Peachtree Corners’ annual Yard and Garden Expo will be held Monday.

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North Atlanta Home Show draws large crowds

Featuring the latest products and services for home remodeling, interior decorating, landscaping and outdoor living, the 17th annual North Atlanta Home Show continued this weekend at the Gwinnett Center.

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DALY: Native azaleas are an attractive feature to the home landscape

Native azaleas are a worthy addition to the garden. When planted and maintained correctly, they will resist pests and bring beauty to the garden.