Susan Larson


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LARSON: Mustangs, Broncos not just horsing around

As the Year of the Snake slithers out and the Year of the Horse gallops in, I thought what better way to celebrate than to honor the presence of horses in Gwinnett County.

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LARSON: A look at what L.I.F.E has to offer

I always look forward to Gwinnett Parks and Recreation’s newest L.I.F.E. (Leisure is for Everyone) catalog. I love seeing what’s new and what has become a tradition over the years.

LARSON: Read any good books lately?

Going over my book list for the past year always provides a bit of entertainment, especially when I see titles I don’t even remember.

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LARSON: The Next Stop: Super Bowl?

So far The Next Stop has helped more than 100 young adults live a fuller life. Many have accomplished things in this friendly environment that occupational therapists were unable to teach them in private sessions.

LARSON: Need a resolution? Read my list

New Year’s resolutions. I’m not sure yet what mine will be, but I sure have a list of suggestions for other people.

LARSON: Finding time and space for Christmas

I’m not a big Bill O’Reilly fan, but I do get a kick out of his nun stories. Probably because I have so many of my own.

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LARSON: Enjoying Christmas by the book

Every Christmas I make sure everyone in my family finds a book under the tree. However, for the 200 some books I bought over the years, I hardly remember any of them. But in recent years I’ve come across some books I might have bought had they been around when my kids were young.

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LARSON: Searching for support for PTSD

Several readers have asked me if I have any resources for post traumatic stress disorder. Well, I have the Internet like everyone else, but I’m also fortunate to have a few contacts through past columns.

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LARSON: Taking care of unfinished business in honoring Coach Flowe

Several times Leif mentioned Coach Flowe taking him aside and encouraging him. Every player knew that simply being on the team made him part of their success.

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LARSON: Accounting for countless blessings

SaltLight Center, run by Family Promise, is a volunteer run emergency shelter for homeless single women and women with children. It provides a safe and loving overnight stay for those in need and Karpf is most grateful for all its willing volunteers.

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LARSON: Teachers deserve a break

When you are a teacher, free time is tough to come by.

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LARSON: Dog days both free and fun

The big Pet EXPO coming up Nov. 16 at the Gwinnett Convention Center really sounds exciting. It’s free, there are more than 120 exhibits and visitors are encouraged to bring their own pets, including hamsters, birds and lizards.

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LARSON: Do you hear what I hear?

They say one of the first signs of age shows up in your hearing. I don’t know if that means the actual physical workings of your ears go bad or if it’s a matter of what you hear or don’t hear that is the determining factor in this aging process.

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LARSON: Making recyclables into jewelry

This program, the Apparent Project, also collects soda cans and other “garbage” to recycle into jewelry, notepads, and household items to help families rise out of extreme poverty by providing employment. And as a bonus, this artisan project helps keep litter out of the environment.

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LARSON: Pet soup kitchen at your service

In 2008, Tom Wargo established Daffy’s Pet Soup Kitchen to help provide food for people who could not afford to feed their pets and to keep them from having to turn them over to a shelter. Daffy’s not only provides food, but they make available free or discount spaying and neutering, a requirement for receiving the food Daffy’s provides.