Susan Larson


LARSON: Getting to the heart of baseball

You’ve heard the expression about wearing your heart on your sleeve. Well, it was never meant to be taken literally, but a certain baseball team has no problem letting others know where their heart is.

LARSON: May peace prevail in Dacula

Five years ago, for International Day of Peace (that’s today) I wrote about all the Peace Poles I knew of in Gwinnett. Of those six, the only one still standing is in Geri Taran’s front yard in Lawrenceville.

LARSON: Library event to help connect community

The Gwinnett Public Library is not to be left out in the effort to support our veterans. Their upcoming One Book One Community event really lives up to its title with featured speaker U.S. Army veteran, Captain Luis Montalvan and his service dog, Tuesday.

LARSON: Taking a grand step forward

Sept. 7 is National Grandparents Day. So first off, let me wish a happy day to all my readers who are grandparents or soon-to-be grandparents, like me.

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LARSON: Cheers for the electronic age

Watching some cheerleaders the other day brought back some mixed memories for me. One, of all the fun I had being a cheerleader and another from my 35th class reunion.

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LARSON: Mother takes on Ironman challenge for autism

“If you would have told me years ago I’d be doing Ironmans, I would have thought you were crazy,” Carrie Tallent said. “If you would have told me that I would have a child with autism, I would have laughed and said ‘What’s autism?’”

LARSON: Out of my inbox, into my column

I love all the good news about Gwinnett that comes my way via my inbox, and I love having the opportunity to share it.

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LARSON: Watching Tech-nology slide into the future

When my husband enrolled at Georgia Tech in 1962, all an aspiring engineer needed was a decent slide rule. The only thing they had to stress out over was whether to buy a Post, Pickett or L & E, each running about $20, which, granted, was 10 times the price of the plastic ones they sold at Woolworth’s.

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LARSON: Musing over the 'move over' law

A reminder to be safe on the road.

LARSON: Woman finds prophet-able career in pot making

When she was in her late 30’s, Pam Koehler-Camp was a highly paid accountant who’d just gotten a dream promotion, yet a voice inside her told her she’d become a potter. And she laughed.

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LARSON: A picture is worth a thousand Facebook posts

When I look at all we “know” about people through social media and Internet mining, I can’t help but think about Sofie, one of my adult ESOL students at Meadowcreek.

LARSON: Gwinnett commemorates freedom every day

Gwinnett commemorates freedom every day

LARSON: Locals find novel success in spare time

Looking for a good read? Gwinnett authors have written up quite a variety of novels. And many of them are, well, quite novel considering some of their “day jobs.”

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LARSON: Myriad memories based in baseball

I read in the Wall Street Journal about a nursing home where therapists use baseball cues to prompt memories for Alzheimer patients. Even though I can’t remember where I put my phone or my glasses, I still retain the most vivid memories related to baseball.

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LARSON: Grandfather clocks time over three centuries

It’s about time. Well, at least for Gary Wilson it is. Way back in the nineteenth century, his maternal great great grandfather, Franklin Sylvester Maxwell was a watchmaker in Martinsville, Ill. Back then it was pretty common for such professions to be carried on through the family, which in this case it was, but not quite as directly as usual.