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LARSON: Myriad memories based in baseball

I read in the Wall Street Journal about a nursing home where therapists use baseball cues to prompt memories for Alzheimer patients. Even though I can’t remember where I put my phone or my glasses, I still retain the most vivid memories related to baseball.

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LARSON: Grandfather clocks time over three centuries

It’s about time. Well, at least for Gary Wilson it is. Way back in the nineteenth century, his maternal great great grandfather, Franklin Sylvester Maxwell was a watchmaker in Martinsville, Ill. Back then it was pretty common for such professions to be carried on through the family, which in this case it was, but not quite as directly as usual.

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LARSON: Collins Hill grad conquers challenges

Manav Dutta, who has always dealt with the challenges of autism, really rose above them when he delivered the valedictory speech for the class of 2013 at Collins Hill.

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LARSON: Enjoying Gwinnett a real walk in the park

Summer is here and, as always, Gwinnett County fills up the calendar with more than enough to do. For everybody.

LARSON: Local man (married to me) marks two milestones

A tribute to my husband on his 70th birthday.

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LARSON: Berkmar scholars out to change the world

Alberto Feregrino, a senior at Berkmar High school, thought he had every reason to be proud of himself. Come May, he would become the first person in his family to graduate from high school. But his bar for achievements has been raised. Thanks to the QuestBridge scholarship program, he is now on track to become the first college graduate in his family.

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LARSON: Sisters bring mother’s words to life

In 1956, at age 36, Erna M. Russnak a German immigrant, started writing her novel, “Perhaps Tomorrow” on the insides and backs of old Christmas cards. One year later, she completed her 495 page manuscript. But her title was almost prophetic when it came to getting it published.

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LARSON: Little hero really has a heart

“Not everyone gets to meet their hero,” Kristen Vicknair said. “Well in my case, I gave birth to my hero.”

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LARSON: Trickum teacher puts heart and sole into Holocaust awareness

The first time I subbed for Alan “Woody” Morawiec at Trickum Middle, I was taken by his myriad collections, Mr. Potato Heads, Sponge Bobs, Sheriff Woody dolls, you name it and how they helped him connect with his students. But the collection that really caught my eye, and several times my toes, was the huge pile of shoes spread out on the floor.

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LARSON: Every day is Earth Day at Hamilton Mill Library

When my friend Nancy Rowland insisted I see the Hamilton Mill Library, I had no idea what would make this library any nicer than the rest. It took only seconds to realize that not only was this place a work of esthetics, but a work of environmental genius as well.

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LARSON: Gwinnett Library finds time to rhyme

In recognition of National Poetry Month, I thought I’d ask our Gwinnett librarians about which poetry books particularly touched them.

LARSON: Guiding adolescents away from alcohol

To help educate the public on this issue, Board of Commissioners Chairman Charlotte Nash has proclaimed April Alcohol Awareness Month.

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LARSON: Using column to calculate what counts

I’ve written about a lot of worthwhile things over the years, but highlighting Gwinnett volunteers is always at the top of my list.

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LARSON: Big Brother, are you reading this?

My advice to everyone is when you’re sending e-mails to watch those free carriers. Privacy is worth paying for.

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LARSON: 'Romance' springs forth with real Polish accent

When I went to Gwinnett’s first Pierogi Festival five years ago, it was to enjoy Polish cuisine.