Susan Larson


LARSON: Help Gwinnett put a feather in its cap

Interested in birds? Then join the Great Backyard Bird Count, which runs from Feb. 13-16 this year. All you have to do is create an online account and count birds in your backyard – or anywhere - for at least 15 minutes.

LARSON: Putting down roots for a green history month

Two different Arbor Days fall in February.

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LARSON: When it comes to favorite books, there's no shortage of choices

I just read “12 Months of Reading,” an article in the Wall Street Journal that is subtitled “We asked 50 of our friends — from Lena Dunham to Paul Ryan — to name their favorite books of 2014.”

LARSON: Reaping rewards through reminiscing

It’s always rewarding to curl up with a cup of tea and reread about all the interesting people about whom I wrote over the past year.

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LARSON: Revisiting and rethinking recycling

As I sort through all the beautiful ribbons and trinkets that decorated my Christmas gifts, I think about how I used to recycle such treasures into art projects when I was a teacher. Actually, I recycled just about everything.

LARSON: Slav-ing away for some recognition

Slavs have made their mark on American History, and I think we deserve our own month.

LARSON: Anyone can weave anything on the Web

Time was, being a published author was quite an accomplishment. But today, though I commend anyone who has the self discipline to sit down and string together tens of thousands of words, anyone with $400 to spare can get anything into print.

LARSON: Time traveling away to a manger

I wonder if maybe it would count for something if everyone just tried to believe in love?

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LARSON: Booking memories for Christmas

As I thought about my favorite Christmas books, the most recent addition being a collection of essays titled “The Seasonal Heart” by award winning Georgia author George Heiring, I asked around to see if anyone in our school system would like to “share and tell” about a favorite Christmas book.

LARSON: Daisy and Brownie Scouts shed light on peace

You may recall a few weeks ago I wrote about the missing Peace Pole in Dacula. In 2002, Girl Scout Troop 582 placed it next to the track to commemorate the first anniversary of 9/11. Then the railroad company demanded that it be moved, which it was. To a dark corner of a storehouse known as “the barn.”

LARSON: Musician explores wonders of time and space

Jonn Serrie began playing the piano at age six. That same year, he saw Sputnik in the sky. He thought its rhythmic beeping was a form of music. By age 11, he was the organist for his church and already well-grounded in traditional music. But when he entered the adult workforce, he switched tracks and demonstrated synthesizer technology for Electronic Music Laboratories, a manufacturing and research facility.

LARSON: Preserving gifts in a jar

Last week a friend posted on Facebook a suggestion to keep a gratitude jar and fill it with notes about good things that happen during the year. Then on New Years Eve, empty it and see what all you had to be grateful for that year.

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LARSON: Many teachers deserving of praise

I’ve always liked reading about all the hard work and passion so many teachers put forth for their students. But for every teacher who wins an award, there are hundreds of “runners-up” who don’t always get the recognition they deserve. So, I asked my kids to share something about their favorite teachers.

LARSON: Listening and living literature through lyrics

Listening and living literature through song lyrics

LARSON: Great name chosen for first grandson

When we chose to name our son Leif, we were just looking for a nice Norwegian name to reflect his paternal heritage. We didn’t name him after any great grandparents nor were we inspired by any particular historic figures or role models. We just liked the name.