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LARSON: Every day is Earth Day at Hamilton Mill Library

When my friend Nancy Rowland insisted I see the Hamilton Mill Library, I had no idea what would make this library any nicer than the rest. It took only seconds to realize that not only was this place a work of esthetics, but a work of environmental genius as well.

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LARSON: Gwinnett Library finds time to rhyme

In recognition of National Poetry Month, I thought I’d ask our Gwinnett librarians about which poetry books particularly touched them.

LARSON: Guiding adolescents away from alcohol

To help educate the public on this issue, Board of Commissioners Chairman Charlotte Nash has proclaimed April Alcohol Awareness Month.

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LARSON: Using column to calculate what counts

I’ve written about a lot of worthwhile things over the years, but highlighting Gwinnett volunteers is always at the top of my list.

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LARSON: Big Brother, are you reading this?

My advice to everyone is when you’re sending e-mails to watch those free carriers. Privacy is worth paying for.

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LARSON: 'Romance' springs forth with real Polish accent

When I went to Gwinnett’s first Pierogi Festival five years ago, it was to enjoy Polish cuisine.

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LARSON: Heart attack survivor throws heart into hobby

Walking for exercise was the farthest thing from Frank Sharp’s mind until about five years ago.

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LARSON: What to read across America

While the Gwinnett Public Library is celebrating Read Across America Week with songs, games and visits from the Cat in the Hat, I thought I’d celebrate by sharing readers’ response to the column I’d written about books a few weeks back.

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LARSON: Savvy shoppers know where to say ‘yes’

Susan Larson spotlights a local dress consignment shop.

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LARSON: Proud to be an American

As a proud and active member of the William Day Chapter - Daughters of the American Revolution, Leslie Watkins of Snellville spends her days traveling around presenting living history presentations on lifestyle during colonial times.

LARSON: An activity that’s for the birds

Last year, after reading about the yellow-bellied sap sucker in a Daily Post blog, I tried to find out more about the bird. Not only did I learn more than I could ever want to know, but I found myself clicked in at a Web site posted by the Cornell Lab of Ornithology.

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LARSON: Happy to have run with the horses

Having raised our boys in the Parkview cluster, I’d always thought of myself as a pure bred Panther. But in writing my last column, Mike Doyne, of Lilburn Middle, made me realize I have Mustang roots

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LARSON: Mustangs, Broncos not just horsing around

As the Year of the Snake slithers out and the Year of the Horse gallops in, I thought what better way to celebrate than to honor the presence of horses in Gwinnett County.

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LARSON: A look at what L.I.F.E has to offer

I always look forward to Gwinnett Parks and Recreation’s newest L.I.F.E. (Leisure is for Everyone) catalog. I love seeing what’s new and what has become a tradition over the years.

LARSON: Read any good books lately?

Going over my book list for the past year always provides a bit of entertainment, especially when I see titles I don’t even remember.