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One confirmed dead in Lilburn crash March 30, 2015

Ronda Rich


RICH: Collecting food ideas can be a recipe for a mess

Do you flip through magazines or newspapers and find a recipe, tear it out, then stuff it in a drawer somewhere? And, worse than that, never give it a try?

RICH: The glorious Grant Tinker

Saluting TV legend Grant Tinker on his 88th birthday.

RICH: A reminder of why I love the South

It happened the other day. It’s funny how things so simple can remind us of things so meaningful, of those sweets that are tucked inside our hearts and unknowingly treasured.

RICH: Mama was cool in her own way

My parents, according to the world’s definition of “cool” were not.

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RICH: Learning to live with the new Southern Living

A few years ago, the magazine I have long loved – Southern Living – changed. Like most Southerners, I have an aversion to change which is why our traditions have such strangle hold. We never let go.

RICH: Sometimes history is better than fiction

Several months ago, I ran across a book called “Alone Among The Living,” one of the most powerful titles I have ever heard

RICH: Parents’ wisdom stays with us long after they pass

There are few who cannot say truthfully that they miss their parents after death has laid claim to those loved ones. The parents who taught us, scolded us and, at times, annoyed us are never forgotten, never put away on a shelf to be remembered no more.

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RICH: The joy of pinto beans and cornbread

One afternoon, I had a hankering, a primal-like craving, for a supper of pinto beans and cornbread with a tall glass of cold, rich buttermilk thrown in for good measure and extra filling.

RICH: Success comes thanks to the ones who lift you up

That’s the difference between success and failure. It’s not what we do, but how high we are lifted by those around us.

RICH: The apple tree that never found a home

That apple tree. Oh my goodness. Something told me it wouldn’t turn out well.

RICH: The pieces of life’s puzzle

This happened years ago. Mama was alive then so it’s been seven or eight years. I hadn’t thought about in almost that many years but when it came to mind the other day, I took to studying on it and how the circumstances and opportunities of life’s journey can be so fascinating.

THOMAS: Hillary’s health matters

If Hillary Clinton’s concussion was not serious and there are no concerns about its long-term effects; if the glasses she now wears are not to correct double vision or other lingering symptoms attributed to her fall, then there is no problem. But if the reverse is true and she is covering it up, the public has a right to know and she has a duty to tell us.

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RICH: The obituary call tree

Yes, I know that I am, occasionally, prone to embellishment. But trust me when I say this is the law and the gospel: I have a long-time friend who only calls me when someone dies. Most times, I know the person but sometimes I don’t have a clue the person ever existed.

RICH: When Mama tried to write a book

Everyone loved Mama. And they loved stories about her. This is a column written before her death but never published. I decided to share it to celebrate Mama.

RICH: Learn to minimize the drama

Drama is only as big as you make it.