Ronda Rich


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RICH: Where Charlie Tinker is buried

It was a long, and very worthwhile, walk to observe the grave of Tink's great-great grandfather.

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RICH: Remembering the poor dirt farmer

Farming knows no boundaries. Cows are born on the rainiest days and get out, usually scattering into the road, in the darkest of nights, water lines burst on the coldest days and tractors break down in the field under the most scorching sun.

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RICH: Tales of woe

For those who have no idea how good they've got it, how blessed they are in life, introduce to them to the other folks.

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RICH: The book within you

We've all got stories, we just don't all turn them into books. But that's not to say we shouldn't.

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RICH: The last lap

Somehow I ran across an out-of-print book called "The Last Lap." It is now 15 years old but tells an intriguing, timeless tale of the early days of America's first stock car racers.

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RICH: Life in a small town

You can't buy history like this. You can't earn it, either. You just have to thank the good Lord for giving you the gift of a small town family.

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RICH: A change of fortune

The soft lighting had hidden the ground-in dirt on his face. He exited the hotel which sits in downtown Memphis near the river and there he met up with another man who looked like him. Homeless, no doubt.

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RICH: When Mama made up her mind

With Mother's Day here again, my thoughts drift back to Mama and how she put me through college.

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RICH: Speaking the truth

The truth isn't always pretty. Or easy. But it certainly gives respect to those who tell it.

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RICH: The stories they told

When it comes to remembering things, it's funny how the mind works.

RICH: The importance of the chipped bowl

At a garage sale, that bowl would bring no more than a nickel or a dime, bought by someone who would use it for dog food or fertilizer or such. But from me, you couldn't buy it for a million dollars.

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RICH: A loss of decency

Though I come from hardscrabble folks where education was a luxury, they had enough learning to know that others should be treated with decency and respect.

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RICH: Old-fashion harmony

In churches like ours, the men gather on one side and the women on the other so they can sing parts and blend deliciously together. To me, it is simply beautiful to hear songs like "I'll Fly Away" or "When We All Get To Heaven" sung with such gusto, almost always ending with a soprano refrain.

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RICH: An Easter parade surprise

Oh how I love a parade.

RICH: Goodbye to Pinky

Remembering a great lady and a great friend.