Ronda Rich


RICH: Sometimes a little info is too much

Occasionally, sleep will sneak away from me in the middle of the night. I will try not to get my mind going because once it takes off, it will wear me out with all its thinking.

RICH: Don’t want to die before I get read

The only thing that really scares me about dying, is thinking of all the good books yet to read.

RICH: Mama B: A most memorable mother

It was at lunch after a morning revival service last summer that a few of us sat around, munching on Southern casseroles and talking about one of the most memorable mothers any of us had ever known.

RICH: Making a point with a magazine cover

Don’t try to outwit a Southern woman when not properly armed for the battle.

RICH: Intersecting stories

Many times not only bloodlines, but stories overlap. It’s an ongoing puzzle of which story pieces fit together.

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RICH: The joy of good, old-fashioned book stores

I love shopping that is easy and requires no effort or gas. It is because of us that bookstores, built from brick and mortar, are disappearing. Especially the small, independent ones.

RICH: Memories of a childhood friend

When I was 6, the boy with hair the color of cotton and eyes tinted sapphire, came to live with us. He was the same age and size as I but more timid and less secure. Depending on the day, we were either best of friends or the worst of enemies.

RICH: Much more meaningful than an Easter basket

In all the years I have written this column, I have, unfailingly, dedicated my Easter column to the frills, fluff, and fun of the holiday. Today, though, I write of the true meaning of Easter.

RICH: Southerns love to tell (and collect) good stories

Southerners tend to collect stories. And, we tend to talk to anyone who will talk to us. The latter tends to lead to the first.

RICH: Making time to write it all down

One morning I went for a run, boldly planning all that I would write that day.

RICH: Wisdom and NASCAR philosophy

Wisdom and NASCAR philosophy.

RICH: The definition of ‘good ol’ boy’

I’m always suspicious when Yankees talk about rednecks because they’re bad to clump all Southerners into that category.

RICH: Of good deeds and repayment in different forms

Old, proud men are more worried about pulling their own weight than getting something for nothing.

RICH: Grocery store is as good as place as any for a nice conversation

It is, I believe, a distinct and unique trait of the South the way we carry on long conversations with people we are passing in the loaf bread section of the grocery store or in the checkout line.

RICH: Remembering my old, grizzled sports writing friends

I loved those old sports writers. They were rilliant at that their craft, and each was kind to a young, prissy girl thrust into their midst.