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JENKINS: On Mother's Day, a tribute to my step-mom

Normally a woman carries a child and nurtures it from birth, forming an unbreakable bond. The child will love her unconditionally until about age 13, at which point it will hate her for about six years before eventually coming to love her again. Meanwhile, she never stops loving the child, no matter what. That's known as motherhood.

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JENKINS: A family man's guide to gift-giving season

Gift-giving time is here again, guys, with Mother's Day right around the corner and, for many of us, anniversaries coming up next month. Fortunately, for those who have no idea what to get their wives -- which is to say, all of you -- I'm here once again with a column full of helpful hints.

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JENKINS: Hey, teacher, my HOA is bullying me again

Give certain people a little bit of power, and they're apt to exercise it unjustly. Ironically, that tends to be especially true in situations where the stakes aren't particularly high -- like a neighborhood homeowners' association.

JENKINS: How to be a guy: Money management for married men

If you don't want credit card debt to ruin your marriage, however, you'll need to take steps to curb your spending. One recommendation is that you avoid using credit cards to pay for routine expenses, such as groceries, gasoline, and full body waxes.

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JENKINS: The AAU Effect is damaging college basketball

Next time you're watching a college basketball game, and supposedly "big-time" players are clanking the ball off the rim over and over again, remember that we mainly have the AAU culture to thank.

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JENKINS: How did SACS wind up as the villain?

Although I'm fortunate to live in a county that appears to have relatively functional schools, I can't help but look at DeKalb and think, "There but for the grace of God go we."

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JENKINS: Another ill-conceived educational fad

The idea that online classes are no different from traditional classrooms, or that we can herd all our students into online and the majority of them will be just fine is, to be blunt, a little bit nuts.

JENKINS: Fat equity: the time is now

It's a weighty issue, but it's time for America to get on the same level when it comes to the scales.

JENKINS: Bracketology for the poetically inclined -- or mathematically challenged

Finding rhyme, if not reason, in the annual March Madness brackets.

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JENKINS: What the federal government can learn from household budgeters

I know I can't draw too many parallels between my household budget and something as big and complicated as the federal budget. After all, there's at least one major difference: my household actually HAS a budget.

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JENKINS: How to be a guy: The art and politics of passing gas

It's a topic not discussed much in mixed company, and for good reason.

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JENKINS: Confessions of a Girl Scout cookie addict

In our family, Thin Mints are the choice when it comes to Girl Scout cookies. And each of us guards our stash with vigor.

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JENKINS: How to be a guy: Finding a babysitter

Regardless of the difficulty, you must be the one to find a sitter. Then your wife will be worry-free, with nothing to do but get ready for the big date.

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JENKINS: How to be married to a pregnant woman

My wife and I are past our child-bearing days (fingers crossed), but that doesn't stop me with sharing my expertise with you.

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JENKINS: If Blank wants to take Falcons to LA, he should just go

Here's some pretty good relationship advice: when somebody threatens to walk, don't allow yourself to be manipulated. I think that applies to professional football teams as well as to significant others.